No Plan B

No not the birth control… “No Plan B” was the ultimate point I got from today’s sermon. Our pastor spoke about how when David planned to build God a temple he was stopped by God, who had other plans for David. But that wasn’t a Plan B because the temple didn’t work out. In God’s eyes there is no Plan B, in our eyes we always see life’s struggles and detours and failures as a resort to Plan B.

I am very guilty of thinking like this. Take my dance career, when my body and mind started to resist dance, when an eating disorder took over I decided to go to “plan B” and go to school, work my butt off, and ultimately go to college. But what I am starting to realize is that my dancing, my eating disorder, and other life experiences are just preparatory steps to something bigger.

Another example? I had no real idea where I wanted to go to school or what I was looking for in a school but I knew William and Mary and The University of Virginia were highly prestigious schools so I set my mind on “the best.” but I didn’t get in, i got wait listed. So I chose “plan B” Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech was actually the only school i visited that I got that feeling of home. But I never gave it a lot of consideration because it didn’t have an elementary education track. Good thing God knew that the only place for me was VT because now I am no longer planning a career as an elementary school teacher. (I realized by doing that I would indeed enjoy my career, but I would be taking the safe road). I am in a top notch dietetic program that I didn’t even know existed until the second semester of my freshman year!

Plus I used to never watch football, I now hate to miss a Hokie football game 😉

But yet again i find myself trying to plan out my entire life. Graduate with my Bachelor’s in Dietetics, get that internship that is so coveted and so difficult to obtain, and help those suffering from eating disorders conquer the nutritional aspect of the disease! Good plan, but do I know that it will work? NO. I can hope, but God might have another plan. So as I worry for the next two years about whether or not I am doing everything I need to do to get that internship I will also be reminding myself that if I don’t it is not the end of the world and the next step is not Plan B. but is actually the plan set for me all along!

This day is going to be really great! It started off with a strange craving for breakfast, and just became amazing with church and that sermon.


I woke up craving Eggs, Peanut Butter, and Banana but was struggling to figure out how I would incorporate that into a meal I would enjoy. VOILA a truly Shannon moment. Egg pizza crust, PB “sauce” and banana “pepperoni.” This was a total success in my stomach’s and taste buds’ opinion! And really easy to create!

  • Mix the eggs (I used 2 whole eggs but you could use 1 egg and an egg white or two if you wanted) with a dash (or more) of cinnamon
  • Place on a heated frying pan (sprayed with nonstick spray) and allow the mixture to set
  • Flip like a pancake and cook for one more minute
  • Plate it, spread with PB (or any nut butter) and top with a sliced banana!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Mom and I are off to see Magic Mike!!!