Watta Weekend!

I haven’t had a weekend home in quite some time. Although to be honest it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was home: it was summer, and I had nothing to do but volunteer at the hospital and spend time soaking in the sun. Thankfully the weather is cooler this time and serves as a reminder to me to get work done!

This doesn’t even begin to describe my work load over the next 4 weeks!

But since I go back Sunday and have epic plans next Saturday (AKA a hair appointment and meeting this awesome girl for the first time!) I wanted to spend as much time with my mom and dad as possible (they both work so I don’t have the week days with them except for turkey day and black Friday). So I refused to hole myself up in my room working the whole time. I did get some things done, but I gave myself breaks and I must say I really enjoyed myself because of it!

White Pizza with spinach and tomatoes and a butt load of carrots and celery… Surprisingly my stomach was just fine after all that fiber!

Saturday night was always pizza night in our house since before I can remember. I got home from dance with mom and pizza in hand. The pizza place has changed a few times over the years and so have the toppings, but the routine still feels the same. I love it.

History from the city I grew up in

Mom and I decided to take a little walk on Sunday afternoon at the Lock’s park in my town. This is where the first land battle in VA of the Revolutionary War played out. Kind of cool! We walked down to stand underneath the bypass, which was pretty cool because I drive on that thing daily. And it sort of sounded like a battle above me!

Mom then proceeded to take me to Target, where I bought things I needed and some things that I may or may not have needed but really wanted. My spendings: Two new travel mugs (I only like tea and coffee from travel mugs for some reason and my current one is super stained from my morning tea); Our wine for Thanksgiving dinner!; A new workout pullover; cute headband to keep my ears from freezing off during morning walks; Tights to keep me stylish and warm in my clothing of choice (Read: Skirts and dresses); More hand cream (my hands are cracking like mad!); and a nifty coffee gadget for my future coffee/keurig we are looking for on black Friday this year.

I also bought two tickets to see the Moscow Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker when it comes to Tech next week! Beyond excited! Now I just have to ask off from work! And I ordered an epic planner from Erin Condren. These planners are kind of expensive but so worth it from what I have seen. Since I am a very schedule oriented person this was well worth it. And will make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Ham, spinach, and tomato w/ swiss laughing cow cheese and provolone mozzarella omelet and sauteed brussels sprouts, carrots, and orange bell pepper

This lunch made my afternoon. Enough said.

Mom and I also went to our town’s pitiful excuse for a farmer’s market on Saturday. While it was pitiful I did manage to pick up 3 sweet potatoes and spinach. I thought this particular potato was super cool! and when I cut it open it was so beautifully orange! Hello Vitamin A and Beta-carotene! Too bad my eyes already stink 😉

Favorite Sunday Night Sweet Potato

It is official this is my go to Sunday night meal. I don’t know what happens to me on Sundays, but the time gets away from me no matter what. All of a sudden I am sitting at my desk (or in the case of this night, on my mom’s bed) doing homework when I look at the clock and its past dinner time! So I go to the quick nuking of this glorious meal! This one has cinnamon laughing cow cream cheese, almond butter (of course), pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and pomegranate seeds! It was awesome.

If I am being honest, every time I decided to take a break I would look at my to-do list and a part of me would cringe at the fact that the break would take me away from it and potentially stop me from completing something on it. But I still left the list behind to go have a little fun. It was obviously worth it. I know I can’t do work all of the time, but finding the balance between work and play is pretty difficult for me. Definitely something I need to work on.

If anyone has any tricks to relaxation/taking yourself away from the never ending to-do list of projects, studying, and other misc. stuff I would greatly appreciate it!

I hope everyone had as great a weekend as me and is looking forward to this week and the special day set for us to show gratitude in our lives.


Buffalo Family Time

Well Hello!

First off good luck to all of the students starting college this morning! There is a part of me that is very jealous of you, but then I remind myself it will be me next Monday starting my Junior year (Where did the time go!) Speaking of starting college, I visited Buffalo, NY for a couple days last week and got back early last night. I spent some great time with my family up there, especially my cousin Paige who will be beginning her Freshman year in college next week!

Here are my trip highlights!


Seriously this store is my heaven on earth. I woke up every morning looking forward to my walk over there. It is so great that my grandma lives in walking distance to TWO grocery stores- Tops and Wegmans. I just prefer to frequent Wegmans. I went about 5 times the first day 🙂 but in my defense it was because we had to go to a bazillion stores to find the right bread for dinner. But anyway Wegmans has all of these brands I never get to try unless I order online. AKA Siggis yogurt. I love it and can’t get the flavors I love here in my town. AKA Blueberry and Plain.This was one of my happy finds. I have yet to try it, but I have built up epically in my head. Looks like the perfect addition to a cold night in Blacksburg this year.Just a fun fact. Every morning I got a banana at Wegmans. Yes one banana. I am very picky about my bananas and like them a certain size, shape, and color. Well I guess I like them a certain weight as well. I kid you not every banana from the time in Buffalo was $0.29. I told you I was picky.

My Cousin

I have a TON of cousins, but only one of them is from my mom’s side of the family and only one of them is younger than me. That is Paige and I love her. We are complete opposites to be honest. I am obsessive and a worry wart, while she goes with the flow. I have no athletic ability whatsoever, and she does. But when it comes down to it we are cousins and grew up as only children together (states and miles away) and we know what it is to go to bars and play the megatron game thingy for hours, take trips to Niagara Falls with your grandparents and dress like twins the whole trip, bring playing cards to every restaurant, and coloring books to bars so we don’t get bored. So some highlights in pictures from our time together…

Paninis made by Paige’s mom. AMAZING Balsamic Portabello, Roasted Red Pepper on Ciabatta

Have you tried these?

Because they totally work and I love my new toe nail designs! And no drying necessary!

Coloring in the bar my uncle works at. Going to Buffalo and not visiting a bar is like unheard of in my family 🙂

Yeah it was a great time. We also shopped until we dropped for stuff for her dorm. I swear if I never set foot into a Bed Bath and Beyond for the rest of my life I will be good. That store is too confusing for me. Great stuff! But so confusing. I also got to go to the Galleria Mall. I love that kind of shopping! Highlight purchase? Two dresses from the store called Delias (never been before) and they were buy one get one free! Bargain Shopper!!! Plus we got froyo. I actually prefer real scoopable ice cream to froyo BUT I certainly didn’t pass up the chance for it! Strawberry, Marshmallow, and Neapolitan mix. It was just what I needed to fix a sugar low from lots of walking and shopping.

Backyard BBQ

We always tend to get together at my Uncle Grant and Aunt Kristen’s house for a little family fun. This visit was no different except that we had something to celebrate! Paige going off to college 😀 and we sort of combined it into the two September cousin’s birthday celebration in which we made PB Brownies by Betty Crocker and put 39 (18 + 21) candles on the brownies and tried to light them all. Fail. I got maybe 10 candles lit before the wax started going all over the brownies and we had to hurry and blow them out. As the grown up say, yes the children are our future and this was an epic fail on my part. But the brownies went over well. At least the ones that didn’t get wax on them. And the get together was great!Our first Hanley get together was on the day of some golf tournament so my Uncle said he needed to get an outdoors TV. Well we still use it so I guess it was a good buy 😉


Meet Scooter. This is my Uncle Grant and Aunt Kristen’s new puppy. He is so precious and well behaved! No begging at the cookout at all! And he likes beer… Must be a purebred Hanley according to my uncle. Now what is a cookout without food? This a part of our spread. Kristen made a great Greek pasta salad and a green salad to accompany the usual cookout out attendees. And we brought a veggie tray so the greens were prominent!My plate of veggies. I actually plated these right when we set the appetizers out (veggies and chips and dip). I knew I wanted veggies with my cookout meal and I have a tendency to worry that by the time we eat all of the stuff I want will be gone. Irrational? most definitely. Something I intend to work on? Yes. So it’s all good. Whatever makes me the most comfortable in the long run is best. My uncle was sweet enough to notice my plate of veggies just sitting there and offered to refrigerate them until the other food made an appearance.Now this was my highlight foodie thing. Salmon burgers from Wegmans. If you have been following me you know I just recently gave up being a vegetarian because I realized that my reasons were not ethically sound but eating disorder sound instead. So I shouldn’t need to bring a “Shannon” alternative to the Hanley cookout for the first time ever correct? Wrong. I am still very intimidated by eating burgers and hotdogs so I asked to bring the salmon burgers I spotted at Wegmans. My family is awesome and only made minor jokes at me. By bringing something I felt comfortable with I was able to enjoy my family time so much more. And there is nothing wrong with bringing your favorite foods. My cousin had her own “Paige” requests as well (cheese and pickles, special kind). The fact is we all don’t like the same things, but we all do need to eat and like what we eat. If you know you won’t like what is offered at a party ask if you can bring a dish. Most likely your host will be fine and dandy by it!

The party was filled with jokes and games. AKA Washers. Has anyone played this? It is sort of like Cornhole and games like it. I am terrible. I didn’t get a single point in the 3ish games I played. My excuse? You should play this game with a drink in your hand and alas I am not yet 21. We also have a family of iPhones… I am not apart of this family yet sadlyI cannot wait until December when I can get an iPhone. So many apps and games to play with my family! It will certainly close the distance between VA and upstate NY a tad!

It was a great trip and I am sad that it is over. School starts in exactly a week and this time next week I will be finishing up my Psych of Research Class… I am glad school is starting but extremely sad to see this summer end. This is weird for me because normally I am so ready to get out of summer mode. Not this year. I have discovered a ton about myself and made some huge strides in my life. But school doesn’t have to be the end of that! No school is just the beginning! So I am going to enjoy this last week at home in which I have nothing taxing to do but pack. I just bought the Hunger Games DVD and The Sims 3 and I am going to enjoy them! I also have a few blogs to write so be looking out for more posts as the week continues!




Kidding, and I am sorry for the corniness… But someone other than me laughed right? K.I.S.S is an acronym that I am a tad confused on because everyone these days says it stands for Keep It Simple Silly but when i was in 4th grade my teacher thought she made up that acronym! She wanted her dance to be simple so that the audience would get it (unlike the year before) So K.I.S.S will always be Keep It Simple Stupid for me 😀

I am applying this to my meals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Simple, yet so delicious! I needed to keep things simple because these past few days were my last volunteering at the hospital. Sad yet sweet because it means a small break before school starts back up.

Done with my last day. See you in the winter Chesapeake Regional!

I have developed a LOVE for roasted Brussels Sprouts this summer. I have never been able to eat more than a few at a time before, but now I go through withdraw without them in my life. So when Dad decided to let me get tuna steaks for the first time and grill them up for me (What an awesome Daddy I have!)I knew exactly what I had to have with my serving! All of the sprouts in the fridge! Because I was leaving on vacation the next day and it would be a crime to leave them to go bad (no one else would have touched them).

Tuna Steak + roasted Brussels Sprouts and tomato and quinoa + goat cheese on top

Nom nom nom nom! Tuna grilled is AMAZING! and I went to bed with not only a happy tummy, but a certain excitement for the fact that I had enough left over for lunch the next day! woot woot! But I  wanted more of my sprouty friends and like I said they were gone with my dinner. So on the way home from my last day volunteering I had to stop at the store and get just enough for my lunch. Good idea. And it led to a very delicious lunch before packing up for my trip.

My Salad. Steamed broccoli, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce of some sort with tuna and balsamic vinegar + olive oil and Parmesan cheese for topping it off.

A great last meal at home for a couple of days. Now I am in Buffalo, NY enjoying my time with my little cousin who is not so little anymore. We are shopping and she is driving. We are getting her ready for her Freshman year of college (Ah when did she grow up!) and I am having a blast! The icing on the cake is that Wegmans is just a hop skip and a jump (OK really it is half a small block) from my grandma’s house so I get to go multiple times a day. We all have our happy places. Wegmans is mine.

Tell me do you like complicated meals or simple yet delicious? I like fancy schmancy when I have the time, I won’t lie.

Do you like Tuna?

Where is your happy place? Wegmans!!!


What a Week can Do

One week ago I was moving into my apartment in Blacksburg, VA, and getting extremely (and nerdily) excited for a new school year full of fresh starts!

Me and a new backpack all set for a new year!

This past week has been another eye opener actually. While in Blacksburg with my parents 1.) I had no real time to “workout” and 2.) no real desire to. And I realized that last Thursday would be my last day riding my stationary bike with Grey’s Anatomy or Pretty Little Liars or Bunheads to make it even better…

Because I am that college student who brings her own exercise machine 😉

Why do I need to take this with me? Because the gyms have awful times at VT. I am sorry but not opening until 9am on Saturdays (or CLOSED because of a football game) does nothing for my mental flexibility. How am I supposed to have an unplanned rest day when it is likely to be Saturdays only because I can’t get my workout in right when I wake up and then will most likely get caught up in my studies for the rest of the day??? So I have the bike at school now. But that leaves me with almost two weeks of summer without it… Which has been slightly uncomfortable but also slightly GREAT! and needed. At the beginning of the summer if I didn’t workout in the morning then it wouldn’t happen, but then I started volunteering at the hospital so I had to move my workout to the afternoon (unless I wanted to wake up EXTREMELY early on my summer vacation). But I was still very rigid with it. I would come home and HAVE to workout even if I was slightly hungry so I would delay my mid-day meal until like 4pm… This also didn’t give me a whole lot of flexibility when it came to making plans with friends. Bottom Line: Exercise became a way to fill up my day, and pushing all FUN out the window. My days became filled with resume building volunteering (which I honestly love to do so no complaints) and exercise, followed by sedentary activities such as reading blogs, reading a book… basically just waiting for the next meal time. No FUN there…

So it is a good thing my bike is gone for the next two weeks, not only does it help me break this exercise addiction that was beginning to develop again but it also allows me to explore new ways of enjoying exercise. I have found out that I can run and enjoy it. Not long distances by any means because I have dancer’s hips and that hurts them. But a good 30 minute run at a tortoise pace feels good and I feel accomplished! (30 minutes used to not be enough for me) I also really enjoy walking around my neighborhood with a magazine (nutrition related preferred! but I just picked up cosmo with Lucy Hale on the cover yay!) and I pulled out my beach cruiser FINALLY! So I’m having fun finding new fun. I even walked into a ballroom dancing class with tons of nerves and walked out wanting to do it again! O and grabbed a ride on my daddy’s motor cycle… Nothing like that to clear the mind and relax  the body!

The best thing about this week is that I learned that it is possible for me to take a break from my exercise, enjoy the time off, and still want to exercise again. A fear I had just a week ago. What if I took a few days off and never wanted to do it again??? It seemed plausible in my mind because ever since I was younger I have hated all sports, gym classes, running… everything except dancing and now even that doesn’t give me enjoyment (I am hoping that will change). But guess what? I am not the same person I was back when I was 10, 15, even 19. And I do LOVE being physically active. Now you won’t find me playing soccer or any other sport or running outside anytime soon (or ever) or running long distances or for long periods of time (I am sorry I just don’t enjoy it enough) but I do love my gym time (yes I am a gym machine junkie) and I hate to sit on my bum all day unless my task is mentally enjoyable (like counting calories and nutrients in school lunch options or studying anatomy). I am a completely different person from even a week ago!

So what did I do this week besides take a break from exercise that has affected me so much? Well apart from driving 6 hours to Blacksburg while my mom was the passenger (first time!) I also got to live in my new apartment with my new room, go out to eat with my family, drive in Blacksburg for the first time, volunteer in the Virginia Beach School Systems food service department (working 9-5 and sometimes 6!), get back to my hospital volunteering (I love that food service office so much!), and I hung out with my best friend Rebekah at her house (we needed girl time), at IHOP (Swedish crepes now have my heart), and with her family watching Jeopardy (my favorite TV show of all time I do believe). And I think I am finally seeing the importance in balance and how I am going to have to force myself out of my comfort zone to find it.

Ready to drive!

Let’s do this!

Come into my room! (sorry this is dark!)

A Healthy Reminder over my bed

O the woos of being short! This is how I must reach things in my kitchen!

Not a great phone pic but what an AMAZING meal!!! White Cheddar pasta, with stuffed portabello mushrooms. I have gotten this meal twice before and it has never had tomatoes, spinach, and artichokes with the cheese! loving that the restaurant uses produce when it can get it fresh!

Learning to meal plan for a school system!

So this post has been all over the place and I am sorry, but I hope that I have relayed how awesome I am feeling about life currently. I am having mental struggles but I realize that this makes me no different than the rest of the world. It is my ability and wish to work on the things I struggle with. Not accepting my all-or-nothing personality that makes me different than many people. I realize that not working out at all and then working out too much is not balance but it took experiencing both for me to realize how awesome it will feel to find the balance between the two. So one week has done wonders to my mind. I was a little nervous for the upcoming year (and still am but now it is healthy excited nerves). I know that this year if I keep challenging myself to experience new things, I am going to have a whole different experience in college! I will probably meet new people, do different things, and learn so much more than what is in my textbooks 😀

Have a great rest of the weekend!






Let the Games Begin!

Opening ceremonies for the Olympics began yesterday! I love the Summer Olympics so much and my favorite sport is gymnastics. I am such a girl, but I have always wished I was able to do the skills these girls can do. They have such strength and power and I admire it beyond words.

Anyway, the Olympics this year are in London, so what a perfect time to show you all the last bit of my dad’s and my vacation to Europe! We were there the morning the Olympic rings went up onto the bridge!

Now as I said, Paris was by far my favorite city of my adventure. But London has the history I adore to read about and dream about at night. In another life much earlier in history I believe I may have been Anne Boleyn because I am completely obsessed. Yes she was the wife of Henry VIII that was beheaded for adultery, and yes she manipulated the King into marriage… But boy was she a woman who knew what she wanted and went after it no matter what the consequences! Although she had very little glory, she did give England one of its greatest monarchs, Elizabeth I. And I fully believe Elizabeth would not have been the Queen she was if she had not had Anne for a mother.

Pretending to be queen at Hampton Court Palace

If you love making history fun (the way it should be) and you are in London, you must visit Hampton Court Palace. I walked the same halls Henry and Anne walked and they put on a play that plays out throughout the day. So much fun! This was a dream come true and my Dad was awesome to go through the whole day with me and my obsession! Thanks Daddy 🙂

Another must see in London is the infamous Tower of London where the crown jewels are held (I felt they were a little less than extraordinary) and where many were executed. Including Anne Boleyn!!! And the Tower is still an official royal residence. If you go you must go on a Warden’s Tour and make sure you take your time. We did (except for the jewels, like I said I was less than impressed) and it was worth every minute!

Me with our Warden tour guide

We spent the most days and nights in London, so we saw a LOT of history and a little bit of present too. Westminster Abbey was beautiful. I loved how sacred and serene it was on the tour. My dad and I went to see Les Mis one evening! Let me say this: The West End of London is just like NYC’s Broadway except with a lot of English accents. Funny story: We both thought the show started at 8pm so we got to the theater at 7 in order to pick up our tickets and then grab a quick dinner before hand. Welp… the show started at 7:30!!! Good thing we got there early! And don’t worry we ate afterwards. It was not like in Germany. We wouldn’t make that mistake again. But that is all pretty history related so I bet you are asking where is the present??? It is at Warner Bros Studios where Harry Potter was filmed!!! Yes I did write that and you did read that correctly. I have walked the same floors as Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint! Proof, you want proof?


This is THE Hogwarts Castle that is used in the movies. I bet you thought that the castle was made via the computer… NOPE! It is this huge model that takes up a room the size of my house! This was a dream come true!!!

Finally the food of London… It was not my favorite. England cuisine is very fried, a “traditional English breakfast” is fried eggs, bacon, sausage, and boiled beans (to name a few of the items) and that is just not my kind of food. So I tried to find foods that were more to my liking and we really did have a lot of luck. The first night Dad wanted to be traditional and get some quick Fish n’ Chips (fried fish and french fries served on newspaper) but I wasn’t thinking that would be the best for my sensitive stomach. Lucky me, the place also had freshly made falafel! and I love falafel and have always wanted to try it from a real deal place. After that night we branched out and explored the ethnic cuisine in England, which we had heard was the real deal. I officially love Indian food. Lentils and spinach with a little spice? yes please!!! And dad got a great curry dinner our last night that he loved. I did have a Plowman’s Sandwich one night that I really liked. Dad told me it was called a Plowman’s because that was what the workers in the field would pack to eat on their days at work. These workers were smart with their food, because the sandwich was fresh and delicious without being too filling. I will leave you with a few of my favorite foods!

My typical “English Breakfast”

Cute German Bakery we LOVED for breakfast (yes we were in England but the Germans know their bread)

Falafel: The real deal

I love Smoked Salmon thanks to Europe!

Indian Cuisine:)

The English gave me some great potato ideas!

Call me a Plowman


So if you get a chance to travel to London, or if you are there for the Olympics now (LUCKY!) Make sure to really take in some history, be a part of history, and really search for the good food that is good for you and still allows you to eat the country’s cuisine.

But most importantly in London…







Going blind. Bon Voyage!

I am going to Europe tomorrow for almost 2 weeks. So I will be signing off on the blog for awhile but you best bet that I will have a lot to tell when I get back about what I learned over there!

I went to church on Sunday and the message hit me pretty hard and I have been evaluating a few things from it. Let me open with the prayer that placed me on the edge of a cliff ready to fall.

[I] acknowledge [my] lack courage and [my] tendency to remain in comfortable, familiar, and undemanding ruts and routines. Forgive [my] faint heart, I pray, and grant [me] the fortitude to take risks, to attempt new challenges, to experiment with fresh ideas.  You called us to renounce the patterns of this world and be transformed into the image of Christ. Give [me] the strength to change those thing that [I] can influence, the patience to accept those [I] cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I have an old dance I choreographed to Leanne Rimes “What I cannot Change” and I have so much emotion connected to this dance because it really represents how long and how hard it was for me to realize that there are things in my life that I cannot control. That I have to pray and have faith that God has a plan for me.

But I haven’t been dancing, and it has been almost 6 months since I have performed this dance and I guess I may have forgotten the lesson I was trying to live through it a little.

Routines are great and so is planning for the future, but at the end of the day there is only so much you can do about what will happen in the years to come.

My Life Examples

  1. I can study for hours and still walk into an exam and not know all of the answers because I didn’t make the test. All I can do is try my hardest and answer what I do know correctly
  2. I can get all of the grades, and all of the volunteer hours and STILL not get matched to a dietetic internship my senior year. Again all I can do is do everything in my power to have the best application but that still might not be enough
  3. I can dream up and “talk the talk” about how my future husband will be a doctor, or in the military but the fact is if I do that I may be giving up real love (which I have experienced and will document one day when I am ready) just to have a “comfortable life” You can’t control who you fall in love with, but you can try to make the best life possible with that person

I used to believe I could plan out my whole life. Graduate from high school, make it in a dance company, audition and star in a Broadway show, meet the perfect guy and have a family. Then it became graduate from high school, go to college and meet the person I would spend the rest of my life with, start my career and have the perfect wedding, have kids and live happily.

What a rut I was in and how boring I am making my life! I am going to make a point to remind myself everyday how FANTASTIC the blind spots on life’s road are.I am going to use this trip to Europe as the perfect starting point.

Parts of the trip I am nervous about because “I don’t know what will happen”

  1. What will I be eating every day on this trip? I don’t plan out my meals on paper like I used to in recovery (I got really sick of that and took that as a great sign that I was fighting anorexia) but I do normally have a general idea of what I will have for my next bite but after breakfast in the car tomorrow morning my bites and when I eat are left up to my ability to sense my hunger and then choose what I really want
  2. Not knowing the language and how to get around. I don’t like not being able to communicate or where things are. I feel out of control, but that is what this is all about, giving up my control and trusting that I will figure it out
  3. Not having my apple a day- OK I haven’t really stated this on the blog yet but I have at least one apple every day (alternating red and green) but I don’t think I will be able to have that these next 2 weeks. First time in a long time and I am nervous and sad actually not to have it. but it will make my first apple back all the sweeter (sometimes it take giving something up to really appreciate it again)
  4. Finally, sleeping in strange places (hotels and apartments not hostiles don’t you worry)and with out my manatee who I have slept with since I was in 3rd grade (and still trying to figure out how he will fit into my bed too when the day comes that I find “the guy”)

But remember I have a new philosophy: I will appreciate the blind spots these nerves introduce and handle them as they come up. because I am strong and gaining patience with the uncontrollable. and through my life I will learn the wisdom to tell the difference between what I can and cannot change.

Here is the video that people put together for the song by Leanne Rimes


Well I am off to Europe! (After a good night’s sleep, a longish car ride and an even longer plane ride that is!

What should I be on the look out for while on vacation?!?

Anyone else have trouble walking into an unknown future without a complete plan in motion?


I leave you with this funny video that made my night (well except for what just happened on my evening walk!)