Avocado Books

No I didn’t read a ton of avocado books (is there such a thing?!?) I was very productive the other day and finally cleaned out my old book shelf from my old room (which is now the multipurpose [mess] room.

Books that I LOVE are on this shelf! and they sure did take me back to why I love to read and learn. Here are a few of my favorite things!


Kids books! Dinner at the Panda Palace was the first book I ever read (well memorized and pretended I could read) and I will always love E.B. White for both the Trumpet of the Swan and Charlotte’s Web 🙂

I will never forget A Little Princess. I loved the movie (not the Shirley Temple version) but I loved the book so much more! Does that happen to anyone else or just me?

I also have an obsession with trashy romance novels… (Slightly embarrassed) but I am VERY picky about them. They must be historical, there should be a marriage, and Kings and Queens and princesses and princes are preferred

Last but certainly not least the books of my generation… Twlight series

Now i never really got behind these, I enjoyed the story but found the writing to be mediocre at best. I never reread the series either and have not seen the latest movie

Harry Potter will forever be my favorite world to escape to. I could (and will) read this series for the rest of my life!

This how much I have read the first book… It’s gone to shreds so I had to buy a new one. O and I have 2 of the 6th book because… well it’s a long story, but basically I needed to read it again and was out of town so I just bought it. But it is by no means my favorite in the series. That honor belongs to…

Anyway looking through all of these books made me realize how lucky I am to have all of these books and to have had the opportunity to learn to read and enjoy the pleasure of escaping to all of these different worlds. I really believe literature and story making is one of the best things to happen in this world. So thanks Gutenberg (for the printing press!)

But now to the avocado side of things. I have been having guacamole for the past three days straight! i have been using the Wholly Guacamole packets to make life and my obsession easier.  But I have been quite creative in my guac usage!

Fist off, I make my big meal sized salads in bags.  It makes it so easy to distribute all of the ingredients (and especially the dressing or in this case guacamole!) throughout because I hate when a salad is one a plate and all of the lettuce is at the bottom and all of the good stuff is on top. I want to eat the good stuff last! and that stuff needs the added guac (or dressing) factor a lot less than the somewhat bland lettuce.


So I shake and plate and voila! a perfectly distributed salad (which I always top with some kind of cheese and a handful of almonds)

But really last night I out did my self on my guacamole creation. I knew I wanted eggs and avocado but what else? A pepper, quinoa, peas from the garden, a baked potato (topped with more guac and a laughing cow cheese wedge [chipotle and queso]) and some string beans on the side.

The stuffed pepper was my own creation. i made the mixture of quinoa, scrambled eggs, and peas then mixed in the guac while the pepper (stem removed) roasted in the oven @ 425 for about 15 minutes. Then I filled the pepper and topped the mixture with half of the laughing cow cheese wedge and popped it back in the oven for about 10 minutes while the potato finished baking and I cleaned up 🙂

I now need to get more guacamole to make it through until Tuesday (when I go to EUROPE!) but until then I get more creative and who know maybe three days is enough and I will start a new obsession.

What are your favorite books. Do you still want to read them even when they are done?

Any good great book suggestions?

What is the best thing you have made with guacamole or avocado?