Mid Week Marvels

Y’all this has been one heck of a week and I have so much exciting news!

    • Monday was so long I literally thought it was Wednesday by the time it hit 6pm and I was still on campus. I had woken up at 4am to head to the metabolic kitchen and help with the diet prep for the study my professor is doing. We are trying to study the effects of probiotics and and high saturated fat diet. It is hypothesized that the addition of the probiotic will prevent weight gain. Right now I am measuring and packing the client’s food each morning. Let me tell you what I was told- you cannot EVER be too anal when it comes to lab work! Every gram of bread counts people! But I am having a blast and feel like a real working girl!
    • Except I am not a full time working girl. I am a full time student. But I realized late Monday evening that I needed to drop my Medical Ethics and Human Experience class. It means I am ONLY taking 13 credits. But with two research things going on, tutoring Mondays and Tuesdays, group projects, TA for anatomy and physiology, and well life and sleep need to happen. So I did what was best for me. Some students may be able to function with my schedule outside of classes and take 15+ credits but I wouldn’t be able to do the quality of work that I believe my parent’s money is worth.
    • I am working with the head of the HNFE graduate department for my undergraduate research. Y’all I could not be more excited and nervous. How did this happen? This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me! But seriously it doesn’t. I am going to be working my little butt off! We are setting up the project outline Friday. Is it Friday yet?
    • I was really excited Tuesday night because I was going to be awesome and go to the gym and then to class. Shower stuff packed and I was in bed ready to conquer the day! Except we work with humans and humans are flawed my friends. The client was late and I did technically have time to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes, shower and get to class but I would have been too stressed. The gym should never be a stressful experience. I think a lot of people could learn this lesson with me this semester. Sometimes life happens. Find another way to be active, clam your mind, and live life. The gym will be there tomorrow or the next day. I say this all smart but it is hard for me sometimes. Especially with the nation’s and my major’s focus on obesity and health. But I am healthy and busy and I have a great life and I get daily exercise walking literally all over campus (in the rain, sleet, or snow- I should deliver the mail). I used to revolve my life around the gym not I find time for the gym around the other things that are way more important (to me, I know sometimes exercise is the most important thing for some people and I respect that we all have our passions!).

  • I am also participating in GUMP- Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program. I LOVE my graduate mentors. Two are participating in a new program here that is specifically designed for them to become college professors after their PhD. And the third is involved in metabolic research so of course I love her! They are going to let me shadow them in the lab this semester, attend classes with them, and just talk and ask questions! I am so happy I took a leap of ambitious faith and applied to be a part of this program!
  • I am really loving my classes and I think I am finding a direction for some future posts. I really want to share my passion of learning and I want to share my experiences inside and outside of the classroom. In Communicating with Food we are part of groups and each group gets a target population to research and develop meals and educational handouts for. I have Chinese American/Buddhist/Colon Cancer. This is going to be so hands on and eye opening! I also had to write an auto-ethnography about my food history and culture, which I plan to share shortly. I am just loving this semester honestly. Let’s just hope my go go go personality doesn’t get the best of me too often!

So my hope for this semester is to 1.) BE FLEXIBLE 2.) ENJOY MY EXPERIENCES 3.) Take a lesson I learned a long time ago at IHOP– Life is full of unknowns and imperfect situations. But I can get through it and learn from every experience good or bad. Who cares if I make one small mistake. Hopefully I take it and learn from it. I mean that is what school is about right? Learning!