Good Luck!


It is Friday the 13th. Yes, I am a very superstitious person. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in 8th grade every 13th of the month (it didn’t even matter if it was a Friday!) something weird (not necessarily bad) would occur. To prove that my concerns are warranted: Rebekah (my best friend since I was in 3rd grade) texts me on most Friday the 13ths to say good luck! OK I might be ridiculous but hey we all have our silly beliefs.  My grandmother actually loves this day, especially when it falls on her birthday! But it’s 5 o’clock and, well, nothing bad has happened. Then again I play it careful these days. I did forget my license today in another bag and drove to the hospital and back so some might even say I had good luck because no cop stopped me. It had to happen sometime!

Anyway I have some creations for y’all! Really easy meals I have made that were not only delicious but great for the body! They don’t require a recipe and can be altered for a person’s own taste preferences (these were just mine on that day and that moment)

Salmon, Provolone Cheese, and Mushroom Omelet w/ Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli (broccoli fresh from the backyard garden i might add!)

I got home late (ish… 9pm is late for me most nights) because I was hanging out with a friend from way back when. I wasn’t actually hungry but thought I should probably eat something. (more on this later). This was so easy and delicious! I roasted the Brussel Sprouts after shaking them up with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and I steamed the broccoli. I absolutely love omelets honestly. They are so easy to make, come with endless possibilities of creations, and they really can pound some nutrition into the body! So even though I felt no hunger before this meal I also didn’t feel stuffed afterwards… win win!!!

Deli Meat and Cheese Asparagus Roll Ups!w/ a roasted pepper

This was lunch today. I used to make these great pretzel rolls with “fake meat” and cheese and hummus or laughing cow cheese on a daily basis in high school. I would be looked at SO strangely, but did I care? well actually yes I did but it didn’t stop me from enjoying them. We don’t have the necessary pretzel rods in the house at the moment but we did have Asparagus! So I altered my creation (which I first got from the Today Show).

How To Make “Roll Ups”

  • Take some kind of  food that is like a stick (I can vouch for pretzel rods and asparagus spears)
  • Pick a deli meat and cheese (these are turkey and provolone)
  • And pick a spread (these are ricotta, but I also love laughing cow, hummus, or guacamole)
  • Spread the spread onto your lunch meat and cheese and place your rod food of choice in the center and…
  • ROLL! I then preceded to heat these up but I wouldn’t suggest it with pretzels (might get soggy)

So, other than a brief scare of o man I don’t have my driver’s license This Friday the 13th is turning out pretty good. Although I am getting very frustrated with this feeling hunger thing. What do I do on the the days I don’t feel hungry? If anyone has some advice I would love it. I know what to do if I am not feeling good, but on normal days with my normal exercise I know I need at least 3 good sized meals a day to get my body the nutrients it needs. I just run into the issue of when??? Today for instance I had breakfast around 8:30am (I was sort of hungry for it but not really), but wasn’t hungry when I got home from the hospital like I sometimes am so I worked out first. Well 4 o’clock hit and I still felt nothing so I decided to make that awesome lunch up there. I wasn’t stuffed afterwards either, just feeling a tad confused by my body. So I normally eat pretty late for dinner, but I normally have a rule of if I am not hungry by 9:15pm then I need to get downstairs and make something (especially if I plan on exercise in the morning). Am I wrong should I wait longer for hunger? I don’t think i should because meals take time to not only prepare but also to eat and I like my sleep as much as the next person! I am going to keep trying to feel this hunger out and hope for a break through soon. I am very determined!

O and my friend posted this on her boyfriend’s wall the other day and I found it hilarious 😉


She was Always There

If someone were to ask me who my best friend was I would have 2 answers: Kailey (who I praised here) and Rebekah.

Rebekah this is to thank you for always being there for me. I don’t know who I would be in this world without you!

I met Rebekah in the 3rd grade after moving back to Virginia from Texas.  We bonded over a shared dislike for another girl in our class… Remember we were young and impressionable. But 3rd grade came and went and we didn’t really start being best friends again until 5th grade. We were pretty attached at the hip. Rebekah was carefree (sing Cindy Lauper on the playground free!) and I was type A perfectionist (hmm guess some things don’t change). But we shared the loves of Limited Too clothing, boys ;), toe socks do you remember those!!!, and so much more. But midway through 5th grade I went to Disney World and when I came back Rebekah “hated” me. The natural thing to to do was hate her back.  Needless to say I had very few friends at the end of 5th grade and was looking forward to a fresh start in middle school…

Rebekah and I on our way to Ring Dance

Walk into my 6th grade classroom for orientation sit down and then o wait Rebekah walks in too!!! NOOOOOO! yeah we were both mortified and preceded to turn our noses up because well we hated each other! That lasted about a month. We shared two friends that quickly saw what we didn’t: Rebekah and I were meant to be best friends. And we were. We did pretty much everything together, and I started to realize how great a best friend she was. I could tell Rebekah anything and she could do the same. She hated the boy I slowly started to like, yet she never once stopped being my friend. 7th grade couldn’t separate us either. Actually we got closer and a little weirder together. We were obsessed with the movie Mean Girls and had Pink Day every Wednesday. If you aren’t wearing pink you can’t sit with us. Hah! To this day I still laugh if I wear pink on Wednesday.

Prom! and yes we went in a pink limo!

Remember that boy I mentioned? Well in 8th grade we finally really started dating. Rebekah got a boyfriend too and we stopped seeing each other as much because we were no longer in the same classes. But that never made me doubt that if I needed someone Rebekah would be there. And she was. This relationship was hard on me and I lost a lot through it, including some of the new friends I had made at the beginning of 8th grade. But this brought Rebekah back into my life! And although she saw how hard this relationship was on me, she also knew that for some reason or another I loved this boy and she stood by me. Thank goodness she did because if she had left me I would have had no one.

Welcoming me back to a Hickory High School football game after I foolishly left for 6 weeks!

In 10th grade I started down the road that changed my life forever. This was the year anorexia came into my life, and much like that boy, pushed many people out of my life. But Rebekah stayed. Even when I was in my worst state, she is the only person I can recall treating me just the same. And when I decided to stop dancing and start at my high school for the full day Rebekah stood by me and whether she knows it or not made me more confident and comfortable. I know she knows that what happened with my eating disorder was scary, but she never stopped being the same friend she has always been. Everyone else changed a little towards me, not Rebekah and I am so happy for that. I got to keep my best friend and we grew closer! (I didn’t think that was possible)

Rebekah showed me the glory of IHOP 😉

Now Rebekah and I see less of each other because we go to different schools that are about 3 hours away. But we have always said that we share a brain and I really believe that in a way we do! Even miles away I know that Rebekah is there for me. I know that I am not the only one that thinks of pink on Wednesdays. Or walks into a test sometimes and thinks “I really hope i have the whole brain today!”And I know that no matter what Rebekah is my best friend. We used to joke about how when we grew up we would get houses right beside each other, one of us would have a girl, and one of us would have a boy, they would date and marry and then we would be family. I don’t have a lot of money betting that will happen, but Rebekah has been my sister in every possible way anyways. She is already family. She reminds me that carefree is possible, that life has to be fun, and that life without a best friend is no life at all.

We will keep on climbing together!

Life has taken us on quite a few turns Rebekah, and I can’t wait to see where we end up next!

Friends Forever

People come into our lives for a reason. That is what Glinda the Good sings in Wicked. I feel very blessed to have 2 best friends that have changed me for the better in more ways than I will ever know most likely. They have helped shape me into the person I am becoming.

Meet Rebekah and Kailey!

Rebekah: Best friend through it ALL

Kailey: My twin and again friend through it ALL

I do not deserve the friendship these girls have gifted me with. They have stuck with me through a lot. And they both deserve their own separate post. I am going to start with Kailey. It was really hard to decide who to post about today and who to post about tomorrow. I actually let my food decide for me.As you will see Kailey inspired both dinner last night and breakfast this morning.

But I am not leaving out a preview of my friendship with Rebekah first: We have been through ups, downs, flips, turns, and so much more since the 3rd grade. She brought me to find God, stuck with me when I was fading fast, and now we have an amazing friendship that continues to astonish me. OK so you are crazy if you don’t want to read tomorrow’s post on this girl.

Now Kailey. I met Kailey halfway through our freshman year at Virginia Tech and it was not an instant attraction. She was nice, I was nice and I think we both sensed that we had similar likes and dislikes. But I was always dancing and missing out on the hall’s goings on. We connected though in an instant when she caught me reading Intuitive Eating. We had dinner for a few hours (mostly talking not eating) and became very inseparable by the time we were a month into second semester. She is my twin. And yes we call each other that more than we call each other by our proper names.

We bonded over our mutual love for bagels and nut butter. Actually we had a meal of bagels, nut butter, and yogurt and bananas for almost the entirety of sophomore year.

Kailey actually planted the seed in me to become creative with food. I have loved food since recovery, but she made me see how exciting it could be and has since introduced me to some pretty awesome creations.

Broiled Salmon with Kailey’s zucchini fries she told me about while we had the BEST skype session and turned things around for good!

Hence dinner last night. Kailey and I had a bit of a rough end of the year.  I had no idea, but my eating disorder was ruining our friendship. I have a real competition problem when it comes to all things in life and suddenly I was competing with my roommate, best friend, and twin. I was unknowingly attacking everything she did, not listening to her, and worst of all making our friendship slip away. We were losing the greatness of our communication because I was becoming somewhat of an evil queen. And I didn’t know it!

Europe awakened me to what I was doing. I suddenly came to the realization that my eating disorder had been around for awhile and I hadn’t noticed it. I also then realized that instead of killing me this time it was going to first kill my friendship. A friendship that had saved me, turned me onto the path I am academics wise, and given me a sister. Needless to say I was sad and feeling lost. I told Kailey I needed to talk to her, and she instantly knew what it was about (we are twins!) and I noticed how distant she had become. Cue almost crying while doing one of my favorite things- grocery shopping (which is one of the things I love doing with her because of her passion for all food)

The skype session was not easy for either of us and there were a few minutes that I thought I had lost my best friend because of everything I had done this past year. But Kailey is AMAZINGLY forgiving and understanding. I cannot believe I have a friend as great as her. I am making a promise to work on my condescending, competitive nature. I will be calling myself out on it, and it will not come between me and my best friend ever again. Kailey has my permission to not only call me out when I mess up, but I fully expect her to never allow me to treat her the way I did this past year.

Kailey and I connected because of food, but it became our whole friendship. And we have so much more in common. AKA we both love Gilmore girls, Pretty Little Liars, boys ;), our classes, The Swan Princess…. need I go on? We were obviously meant to be friends for a lifetime.

Cantaloupe filled with chocolate yogurt, frozen blueberries, and flaxseeds

Kailey inspires me to be a better person. A unique person who has big dreams that are totally worth dreaming. That is because she is so unique and beautiful. She dreams big with her whole heart. I highlighted too meals she inspired me to try. I loved them, but really the food is just the beginning… Kailey is the reason I am indeed changing for the better.