Where to Begin?

I am back! And I missed you friends while on my mission trip in Atlanta, GA! But Atlanta was nothing like I expected and everything I needed in life. I cannot even describe how my eyes have been opened because … Continue reading

Meet Me

I always disliked the first day of school, camp, and dance when everyone must go around and tell one interesting thing about themselves. I never know what to say! and I spend a lot of time stressing over will my fact be coolenough. But I am starting to realize that whatever I would have said would be interesting or at least new to the people I was meeting because they didn’t know anything about me yet! So when I decided that “I dance” was too boring or “I like being little” was too weird I should have been saying “Hey this is the first thing to pop into my head, it might not be that interesting but it’s something about me and I hope we can be friends long enough that you will want to know more!” Alright to the point. Bloggers know this award… Thanks Sugar Coated Angel for the nomination! The point of this is to let you know a few random, interesting things about myself. When I got the nomination I of course couldn’t do it right away! I didn’t have anything to say about myself! But you know what, there are way more than 7 things that are about me, that may or may not be unique, but I have time to reveal those over the course of this blog. So here are the 1st 7 that pop into my head right now!

Rules First:

1.     Give credit to the person who nominated you. (AKA Sugar Coated Angel)

2.   Mention 7 things about yourself.

3.    Nominate 15 other bloggers, who you think deserve the award.

My 7 Random Things

  1. I always usually (preferably) eat an apple everyday and I alternate red, green, red, green to keep it interesting!
  2. I am a neat person after the mess has been created… Something my mom finds a tad annoying. For example: when I cook I used to try to clean as I go, but found I am much better off making the product, destroying the kitchen, and then putting everything back the way I found it later.
  3. I have an obsession with Greys Anatomy… Why can’t I meet a McDreamy Neuro Surgeon??? Plus I love the medical story lines.
  4. Speaking of Neuro, I also love anatomy and physiology. Favorite class so far in college. And the brain is where I shine 🙂
  5. When I eat pancakes they must be peelable (the top peels off). So when I go to a breakfast place for the first time I won’t order pancakes until I see them on somebody else’s plate. If you have ever gone to breakfast with me you will find it weird at first, but then when you are on your own you might find yourself checking for pancake peelability to let me know for the future 😉 (mom I know you are guilty of this!)
  6. I have auditioned for Broadway (this is normally the “interesting fact” I share with a new group). I was 14 going of 15. It was very cool.
  7. I am the daughter of a military man… and I love shopping with him at the commissary.

OK I admit I did plan that last one, but it does describe how I grew up. I love being apart of a military family and community.

And now I have no idea who has not had this award yet, so if you haven’t then do it! And let me know when you do because I want to read about you too!