What I Really Meant When I Said My Mom Works A Lot

When I was about 6 I wrote a story in school titled My Mom Works A Lot. We still laugh about it to this day, but in all seriousness my mom probably felt so bad when I wrote that. But my mom (and my dad) did and still do work a lot. I went to childcare beginning at a very young age, I was normally the first of the children dropped off and one of the last to be picked up. When holidays happened I was at daycare (except Christmas day of course and a few other special ones). My parents couldn’t come to the school parties and I was not taken home early from school on those day like a lot of other children. My parents worked a lot. The story didn’t lie. But I wasn’t trying to hurt my mom when I wrote the tale, I was simply stating a fact.

So let me revise this tale in a few short statements.

My mom works a lot. Because of her I know what hard work can lead to in life. Because my mom worked a lot I was able to become a very self-sufficient child, and can take care of myself. Because my mom worked a lot I looked up to her and her ability to work and still be there for me in all ways whenever I needed her. But most importantly, because my mom worked a lot I learned early to value and savor every minute I have with her. 

What inspired such a post? My mom took off of work for the whole week until today. I got to spend two wonderful days with her and her alone (well there were a few doctor’s appointments in there, which she took me too thank goodness, and I had a date with this girl in the afternoon one day). We relaxed together watching daytime television shows like The View, The Doctors, and Doctor Oz. We ranted about all of the new crash diets that are being featured. I baked and cooked for her birthday. We had time for me to really open up to her about a few of my feelings lately that I have been hiding. Basically we had an amazing couple of days!

My professor's famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

My professor’s famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor's appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter :D

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor’s appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter 😀

I cherish the time I get with both of my parents because we are such a go go go type of family. So when we can sit down on the couch or in bed and laugh at whatever sitcom is on (AKA Big Bang Theory!) then it makes for a pretty awesome evening! So both my parents are back at work today, and I am in the house with my dog and cat who thinks he is a dog. I have another doctor appointment and a few tasks I need to get done. But other than that I am looking forward to when my mom walks in the door from work and we can head to loser night at the YMCA (AKA Friday night = the dead night).

Happy Friday Everyone! What are your plans for the day?


Mom, today is yours



Today is my amazing mother’s birthday. Mom I love you so much. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have sacrificed for me. You have given me the ability to do anything I put my mind to. I learn so much from you every day. All of my life I have wanted to be like you. Thank you for sticking by me in the worst of times, through boyfriends you didn’t agree with, decisions you didn’t approve of, helping me work my way out of sticky situations, never letting go when an eating disorder almost took me away, and for being my best friend. There is no one like you and there never will be. When I was a teenager I remember everyone saying how lucky I was to have you as my mom because you are so amazing. They thought I didn’t know, truth is I didn’t. I do now. Happy birthday Mommy. I love you and I hope you enjoy this special day, I am grateful to be a part of it!

A Mother-Daughter Adventure

This weekend was needed. This weekend broke me from a rut of a routine. This weekend made me realize how lucky I am. This weekend did a lot of things. And it was all thanks to my momma.

Mom and I spent the weekend in Lynchburg VA for my Fall Break. I once lived here (for 6 weeks) and although my experience as a whole was not what I wanted or needed, Lynchburg made its way into my our hearts. And not because it is the one place I can go to get Bob Evans (although that is a plus!). It is because the city of Lynchburg is quite and peaceful, it has beautiful sites, kind people, and provides for an amazing weekend away.

We went hiking both days to see the sites of Lynchburg a little more. We got lost a couple of years ago on the same hiking trail. This time we picked a trail, looked at a map, and were successful in our adventure! Plus we found this great little garden dedicated to those who have had cancer affect their lives.

Lynchburg also has an AWESOME farmer’s market! I am stocked up on produce fresh from the farm! Squash, peppers, sweet potatoes, and of course apples!

Giant Sweet Potato!

Finally, Lynchburg has some awesome food. Highlights include Panera, breakfast at the farmer’s market, and dinner at Robin Alexander– We received our meal free of charge, which was completely ridiculous because the service was impeccable and the food was amazing. Next trip they can rest assure we will be back.

Pumpkin Pie Bagel- Mom let me try a little! yummy!

Cheap Walmart dinner of a sweet potatoes and PB and Co Dark Chocolate Dreams

Mediterranean Crepe- It is so cool to watch them make the crepes!

Appetizer- Con Queso dip!

Mom’s Swordfish dinner. OMG I need to get this next time!

My Chicken with goat cheese, spinach and tomatoes.

Mango Madness- Favorite drink so far!

Dessert to share- Delicious Apple Crumble

I am super sad to see the weekend come to an end. My mom is amazing, she centers me, and certainly helps me through the roughest of times. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you Mom for always being there for me and guiding me through my struggles. We have had bad times and good times, but no matter what you have stayed strong in your belief and faith in me. Because of you my life is full of once and a lifetime experiences that have helped to shape me into the person I am today.