Yup school has started

School has indeed started. I have taken 2 exams and I am now studying for two more this week (one today actually). I think I mentioned that school takes over my life, but I want to show you all some glorious moments from the past two weeks. Birthday, epic eats, parents visiting, studying…

Cue snapshot of life pictures since turning 21!

I have two awesome best friends! And Rebekah came from her college for the weekend! We went out to dinner the night before my special day, and tried out a new restaurant (to us) and it was amazing! I went back the next weekend with my parents as you will soon see.

SOOOOO we were supposed to go hiking… This is not hiking??? Yeah we got lost on the drive there and decided the mall would be a better bet. There is nothing like shopping in your hiking clothes to make you lose all caring about what people might think!

        My friend Stephanie (really tall one!) from way back in middle school goes to Tech now and Kailey got to meet her and Rebekah and I got to relive middle school memories with her for a little bit! Wow I feel old! Good thing I am still the same height!

Apple Pie martinis! First drink folks!

                  These were made with vanilla vodka that I bought! I did indeed call my mommy at the ABC store because I was so confused as to what to buy. That’s what happens when you wait to drink until you are the young and legal age of 21 🙂

Can you say sugar overload? So the waffle is four different flavors: Buckwheat, cinnamon buckwheat, chocolate buckwheat, and sweet potato. Topped with nuts, maple syrup, bananas, chocolate chips, and unpictured ice cream. Then we attempted to eat the pineapple cupcakes from my edible arrangement, BUT it was too much sugar for two of us (Rebekah and I, Kailey can put down some sugar! I admire this o so much!) and we refroze two of them (more for later!), Finally, Reese’s PB martini... Pretty, but TOO strong. Once diluted with milk I am told it was much better. I was done at this point, my stomach does not have a high sugar tolerance.

Gift from my best friend. Trashy romance to get me through stressful school? YES PLEASE!

My parents came last weekend and we had a blast! Being an only child, I really miss them when I am at school. I have to say though I am feeling more and more like an adult these days and the transition to a new “home” is going really well. But they are still my mommy and daddy and always will be.

Pizza and Beer. Classic. And I can split a pumpkin ale with my mom now! weird…

Fly over at a Virginia Tech football game. Seriously I love my school!

Night out with my parents! I ordered my first drink at a restaurant. I had no idea what I would like so the waiter kindly suggested a Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. Pretty good! I finished it, and was a tad loopy by the end of the night. It feels weird. Not sure how I feel about it, it won’t be happening frequently. Because honestly drinking doesn’t make me forget about the food, the calories, or the ED. I know some people who say it does. Not me. But I will enjoy an occasional drink for fun and celebration!

Speaking of food, do you see those beautiful risotto cakes? OMGsh as my roommate would say, “Party in my mouth!”

And so begins the study tales. And the end of this post. My mom gave me the idea of banana sandwiches- PB between banana slices. I love them and they are a cheap breakfast because bananas are so cheap! I am going to try to freeze them next so I will let you know how that goes! That is a letter my awesome pen pal of an old dance teacher sent me! She is so creative! like wow! Saving that for a long time. And finally that big white stack? Those are my flashcards for my metabolic exam today. Extreme? Maybe, but this is how I learn and I am not messing with what I know works. I am loving metabolic by the way, and all things chemistry. So now I am looking into graduate programs more than RD internships because I want to do more with metabolism and science. This morning in the shower I thought about how cool it would be to do research for my career and teach at the college level! Yup my dreams just keep spinning! I love it and can’t wait to look back 10 years from now and see where I really end up!

Wish me luck be back soon promise!