Are you sad when it ends?

When you reach the end of a task that you have chosen to do, what are your feelings? Do you jump for joy because it is over? Or do you feel a twinge of sadness and perhaps shed a few tears?

There was a time that I loved to dance. When reverence came at the end of ballet class I was deeply saddened. Yes I felt fulfilled at all I had learned and accomplished during the class or the nearly 7 hour day of dance and rehearsals, but I was sad it was over. I never wanted it to end.

And then one day I did. I can’t pinpoint the time or the place it happened, but one day I stopped feeling the sadness that it was over for the day and instead began celebrating the end. I watched the clock counting down the minutes until it was time to complete my last turn or jump so I could curtsy, clap, thank the instructor, and get the heck out of my ballet shoes, leotard and tights.

When we stop wanting it to never end, and start jumping for joy because it’s over, we should stop doing it. It took me years to just stop trying to dance again. But now that I have I found that thing that makes me sad when it ends again. I am not one of the many students that looks towards break all semester long. Yes I am thankful for this break to rest my mind and body, but I miss school. And when I turned in my last final last week I can honestly say I was sad. Sad the semester had come to an end. I was sad that studying would be put on hold for a month, and I would not be sitting in my metabolic lecture Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We all have something we hold dear to our hearts. A passion that comes from within. Dance and other art forms are a great example because you always hear about the passion artists have for their talent. How they feel like they cannot live without it. How they would do anything to dance, sing, paint, ect. But that passion is not limited to the dancers and the artists and the singers. That passion is in all of us in some shape or form. Mine is school. I have a passion for learning and helping others to learn the material I hold so close to my heart. For some it is running, walking, their job… It can be anything!

So ask yourself, do you love what you are doing? Are you sad when it’s over? Or are you like I became with dance, always looking towards the final curtain call because it means it’s over and you are happy to see the end. Seeing the end in sight is great, it gives you a goal, but when you get there I hope you are like me and want the finish line suddenly disappear so that it just never ends.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all of my fellow Americans enjoy a wonderful day  with family and friends. Remember this day is not about stuffing yourself silly, practicing restraint, or about the food at all. This is a day designated for us to show gratitude for what we have in life even when it is not all good.  So go and be grateful, smile, hug, and surround yourself with love.