A Whole Lot Of Whole Fruits!

Title Explained: A lot of the food I ate was complete. AKA I had the WHOLE melon, banana, eggplant… And it just so happens they were all technically fruit!

So I had such an amazing and busy day yesterday, and I think my food really does justice to describing just how much I loved yesterday! So I am doing my first ever WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) post. (But really I enjoyed this cuisine on Tuesday yet still reliving it today! I love all of the fabulous bloggers that have followed Jenn’s lead so I want to jump on the bandwagon!

Peas and Crayons

Currently on Tuesdays I do not volunteer so i have the luxury of waking up when I want. Normally I wake up by 7:30am, but yesterday my body must have wanted some extra zzz’s because I woke up @ 8:11am! So my first thought was OMG how am I going to fit my workout in before I need to eat! but then I realized it’s OK, listen to yourself Are you hungry now? If not get on that bike and if you get hungry get off early, shower, and get some grub. So that is exactly what I did! and the ride was GREAT and I had that wonderful feeling of a fit and hungry body afterwards that seriously wanted some fresh food!

Breakfast: A small Galia Melon filled with frozen blueberries, fresh raspberries, chocolate yogurt, and flaxseeds!

I just discovered this melon and it is delicious! Worth the 2.50 dad paid for me to get it!

Confession: I am really bad at feeling and listening to my body. I have always been a clock person and therefore tend to do everything by the minute- including eating. So when I get hungry earlier do I normally just eat? No. I wait until my planned time. And if I don’t get hungry at the time I have made do I normally eat? Yes, even when I am not feeling good and my stomach is uncomfortable. I think I do this because I think if say I am not hungry then people will think I am not eating and that my eating disorder is back. This is such a ridiculous idea! Yet I believe it pretty strongly. Yet, do I really believe other people are thinking this or really is it just me that thinks this? I think it’s me… I need to change my way of thinking because I am smarter than that idea right there

Anyway I had a hair appointment yesterday afternoon. I love going to get my hair done! It takes a little over 2 hours and for those two hours everything else always goes away. Maybe its the smell of the color? But when I got home I was indeed hungry and could feel it. But let’s not praise the listening to the hunger just yet because it was after my normal lunch time (or as mom calls it Meal #2) and if there is one thing I am OK with it is passing by the time AND feeling hungry before that time. i have no clue why I enjoy the feeling of hunger so much but I have a few ideas. I think though it centers around that when my stomach feels ready to eat and tells me, then I KNOW it’s actually OK and my body is telling me how much the food means to it. But do you know what made this 2nd meal even better? I got to skype with my twin! We skype about once a week in the summers and being an only child sometimes it is the only time I get face-to-face interaction with someone my own age! And well she is awesome and I adore our talks! Honestly yesterday we had so many topics to talk about we had to continue after the skype by BMMing all most all night.

Lunch: Two bananas with almond butter (like a sandwich!) and an assortment of veggies

O and some grapes 😉

After skype time I needed to get to work on a dinner I was planning. Now as I have said before my family doesn’t really eat together anymore because we are all just too busy, but sometimes I will make something that will fit into all of our evening meals at sometime or another. Tonight I made these great Meatless Meatballs from Lindsay’s blog. We all loved them! and I will be making them again really soon!

Dinner: A whole eggplant (yes the whole big mama) broiled and topped with tomatoes (yes the whole tomato too) and Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. And of course the Meatballs!

I didn’t have the pesto the recipe calls for but they came out great regardless!

So as for listening to my hunger yesterday? I think I did a great job. And I am keeping up with the new hunger log I am keeping. (dietitians and therapists galore have been trying to get me to start one since forever but I had to realize I needed it on my own) I will keep yall updated on the progress!

How do you know when you are hungry? Is it always hunger pains? For me a lot of the time I never get the grumbles but if it’s been awhile with out substantial food a headache sets in and I get very controversial with people…

Does anyone else keep (or have kept) a hunger log? I could really use some guidance!

What have you been up to that has been fun? Any good eats?



I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!

I am 20 years young and have lived in this country my entire life and I know how fortunate I am. Both of my parents served in the U.S. Army and I am proud to be a military brat 😉

This was a very relaxing holiday for my family. It was weird that it fell in the middle of the week though. Both mom and I have work and volunteering respectively tomorrow but lucky Daddy is on complete summer vacation.  Needless to say waking up this morning with no alarm and being able to work out first thing in the morning was a tad strange. I just got back from Europe and I did not exercise as I do at home because all of the walking, hiking, and climbing was more than enough natural exercise! But at home I consciously make a commitment to my cardiovascular health. Plus I love riding the stationary bike while indulging in my shows (bunheads, pretty little liars, and my real love Grey’s Anatomy).

Anyway my morning workout got my writing head turning and I had the urge to write my last post immediately after I had showered and broken my fast 😉 But I felt like another post was necessary tonight to honor America’s birthday.

We grilled and had a truly American meal as a family! Now let me explain. My family doesn’t normally eat at the table together at the same time unless it is a really special holiday such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We did as a recovery tool for me, but with recovery i was able to let go of always having family meals. But not only was today America’s birthday it was also the first time in 4 years that my dad grilled a whole chicken for him, my mom, and me! So we made a great meal of it.

I made my epic, beautiful side salads. Both my parents agree that they really  are pretty substantial.

Spring lettuce, tomatoes, carrot chips, mushrooms, cucumbers, broccoli, almonds, and tomato basil feta cheese

The cucumbers and broccoli were grown right in our backyard thanks to Daddy!

The rest of the meal was my dad’s chicken and grilled yellow squash and my mom’s sweet corn. Delish!

The meal lacks color I know… my food selection and prep teacher might frown. But it was good. and obviously I’m not the only one who would like it… Hello Mr. George

The really great thing about this meal though was that at first sitting at the table all together was funny awkward. But then conversation flowed as it normally does and the meal was even better for it. We added the color the plate was sadly lacking.

The night ended with Mom and me watching Safe House which was kind of weird and hard to follow with a lot of shooting. But Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous.

We ended this great day American style! I baked Apple Cigars. We spotted the recipe in our local paper and I had to try it. I don’t like a lot of dessert like things (or really I can just take them or leave them) but apple pie is a different story. I love it. It holds great childhood memories. These babies are meant to be a healthy alternative. Now I am not huge of “healthy alternatives” because they never seem to match up to what they are replacing. These cigars were not and I repeat not apple pie but they were a great apple dessert. They do not weigh you down, and you get that great apple cinnamon taste sensation us apple pie lovers ❤ so much.

The outside is made from Filo Dough!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and got to spend it with family and/or friends! Remember what this day is all about! We are so blessed to live in this amazing country!