Where to Begin?

I am back! And I missed you friends while on my mission trip in Atlanta, GA! But Atlanta was nothing like I expected and everything I needed in life. I cannot even describe how my eyes have been opened because … Continue reading

Fun(ish) Facts

I don’t know how FUN these are…

But thanks to this girl I was nominated for…



  1. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Create 11 new questions
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in the post
  5. Thank the blogger who nominated you and tell the bloggers you’ve nominated

And Begin!

    • The first thing you should know about me is I eat an apple everyday. It is beautiful and large and either red or green depending on the day. I alternate.
    • I have had an obsession with patterns since I first learned about them in kindergarten. I kid you not I cam home and exclaimed “Mom we learned about patternens!” (I had bad pronunciation- I was also 5). And so began my efforts to incorporate a pattern into everything I do. School work, workouts, meals you name it I pattern it

Source: classroomfreebiestoo.com via Melanie on Pinterest

  • I am also very superstitious. Especially when it comes to things like tests in school. Before everymetabolic exam this semester I had a sweet potato in an almond butter jar and a banana. Never a PB jar that might mess up my mojo. must have given me something (like confidence and assurity?) Because I got a 100 on all 3 exams this semester.


  • There is a strong possibility that I went to elementary school with Robert Griffin III. No joke. And I take that as a sign that Baylor may be my dream internship. So RGIII if your for some random reason reading this please put in a good word for me!
  • I currently have an obsession with this nut butter. It is awesome. But it is also $16… yeah I guess it will be awhile until I get it again.100_1565
  • I got an iPhone. I have no clue about anything iPhone related and could use some tips! Also anyone have tips on how to avoid the technology pull because I really do need to make sure my phone is not a complete distraction from the real world. #technologycannotreplacepeople
    • I sleep in a twin bed and would not have it any other way. Seriously the big beds are too much. I am little and don’t need to stretch out. I always say its just another reason it’s not in the cards for me to have a relationship yet. #singlegirlproblems

Source: Uploaded by user via Alyson on Pinterest

  • This year I have tried so many things I used to shun like the plague. Pinterest (yeah I’m sorry but before I saw it for was it really was… #awesome I thought it was such a waste of time), running (I change what sweat type of exercise I like yearly it seems), alcohol (21!), coffee (addicted now), and spur of the moment hangout sessions with new friends! Pretty proud of the progress I have made since last year when I was a total dorm room study hermit.

Source: roxanajones.com via Sharla on Pinterest

  • Pretty sure I was born in the wrong century. Could you put me in the world of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn? I would have fit in perfectly I do believe. Women is dresses, dancing, and making mischievous agendas to get what they want? Yup that’s me.
  • I am a beach girl and find it depressing that the winter = paleness. I used to go tanning all through high school and the first 2 years of college. But my chances of skin cancer are already high (a couple 2nd to almost 3rd degree burns from the sun will do that) and I have no time. So pale it is. #learntoloveit
  • I would have never guessed two years ago how much I would change in college. Virginia Tech has helped me to grow into a person I am becoming pretty proud of if I don’t say so myself. My school and community in the land of Hokies is amazing. I am so happy I can always answer the question “What’s a Hokie?” with I AM!

Time for Caitlin’s Questions!

1.) What is your favorite color? Green! I love it, and wish everything in my kitchen could be green.
2.) What is your favorite baked good or dessert? Big muffins! not the dinky breakfast variety, large muffins people! Or I really like pie. Apple pie to be the most detailed as possible.
3.) What is your favorite sport? I don’t play sports but I will never turn down a good football game in Lane Stadium. GO HOKIES! Seriously though I didn’t like football before coming to VT now I cannot get enough
4.) Do you enjoy reading? If so, what? YES! All types of books really. Right now I am reading a historical romance novel with no purpose except for I like the story. But I want to watch Anna Karenina and the rest of Game of Thrones next. Although HP will forever have my heart.
5.) What do you want to do with your life? This changes A LOT. but I think I figured out I want to get my RD and then go on for a PhD in metabolic nutrition. But I also want a husband who loves me, children to care for, and a happy life surrounded by friends and my family
6.) Do you have a hero or role model? Who? So many but to name a few, my mom, this girl, my best friend Rebekah, my daddy.
7.) What is your favorite number? I have a fascination with the number 3. and 13. I like things to end with 3 and think important things happen on the 13th
8.) Where is the craziest place you’ve traveled? I don’t know if it is crazy but I went to Europe this summer and it was the best trip of my life. I will never forget it and wish I could relive every moment of it.
9.) Did you go to college? Where? I go to VIRGINIA TECH. I love my school. It actually wasn’t my first choice but ended up being the only school that has the degree plan I chose. Everything does sometimes happen for a reason.
10.) What is your favorite cereal? I actually don’t eat a lot of cereal. I overdid it as a child. But Wheaties will always hold a place in my heart.
11.) What is your favorite way to pass some free time and/or relieve stress? What free time? haha kidding. I really like to bake. It keeps my hands busy and my mind relaxed. But if I baked every time I was stress my house would be covered in baked goods. hmmm not very conducive to studying. So I normally take a bath and read a magazine.
So I have no idea who has done this already. I honestly thing everyone on my small reader has but if the follow people haven’t DO IT! Here are my questions for Caffeinated Runner- Kailey/Twin, Fueled by LOLZ- Hollie, and Chocolate Tea Time- Irina
  1. Do you have any pets? What kinds?
  2. What was your favorite birthday present?
  3. Do you have a favorite subject in school? What is it?
  4. Do you have any superstitions?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. Would you rather be hot or cold?
  7. What is your exercise of choice?
  8. Favorite restaurant?
  9. What TV shows are you currently loving?
  10. What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken?
  11. If you could be/do anything in life what would it be?

Balance Checks

Tomorrow Gabby Douglas and Allie Reisman compete on the beam. I didn’t take enough gymnastics to ever make it to this skill. You really do have to be pretty freaking amazing to conquer the beam in my opinion! You must complete the most difficult skills while remaining on a straight 16 foot long beam that is not only 4 feet from the ground, but also only 3.9 INCHES wide. So don’t fall off because that is a huge no no and a rather large deduction…

Actually it seems like everything is a deduction in this sport. Is it possible to get a perfect score? Yes but not likely. Because no one is perfect, yet that is what this sport and a lot of others demand of the athletes. Strive for perfection. This ensures the athlete is always improving because again perfection isn’t attainable.

On the beam every balance check is a deduction. These girls go through some pretty extraordinary measures to stay on that beam, but most of the time those measures cost them a few tenths of a point. Not fair right?

I say this because I have recently experienced the sensation of being off balance in life. You see, when I first came to Virginia Tech 2 years ago I made TONS of great friends, stepped out of my box, and acted like a normal teenager. But then this year for reasons I can only partially explain I lost my time with those great friends and stopped making time for FUN. All that mattered was that I received perfect grades so that I could build up my resume in order to ensure I was matched in 2 years for a dietetic internship of my dreams.

Me in 1.5 years…. Except Match Day for dietetics is April 1 (No I am not fooling you)

I was completely off balance! I was not making time for both sides of things. I forgot that too much of one thing (even something as awesome as a 4.0 GPA every semester) can be bad. Looking back I have mixed feelings about the choices I made to stay inside and isolate myself from the rest of the world so that I got in over 50 hours of studying, lots of exercise, and the meals that were comfortable and routine. Because these choices helped me remain safe in my comfort zone of great grades and planned food and exercise. But these choices also meant that I have no group to go to football games with like my freshman year. They meant saying no to some potentially fun opportunities. I forgot that all work and no play makes for a very boring day. Or life in my case.

Good thing I am dedicated to my recovery enough to realize that all of this caused me to turn to food to help cope. I am at a point when I can feel my ED and know that it is not because I want it back but because something else is wrong. Something in my life is off balance. My eating disorder is my very own balance check! The difference between life and gymnastics is that balance checks are allowed in life. Sometimes we have to put our hands down for support. What I mean is sometimes we have to ask for help, because when we are too off balance it is all we can do not to fall off.

So that is what I did. About 2 weeks ago on a random Wednesday I realized how overwhelmed I was feeling with life in general. I was nervous about school starting again soon and that I wasn’t doing enough to get the right experience in dietetics. I was feeling the exercise burnout/addiction coming back and knew it couldn’t. I was unsure about my food choices and if I was eating any of the right things… It goes on but you get the picture. So I called my therapist and we made an appointment. WOW did she help me see how off balance my life had become. To sum it up, when you are filling up on a bunch of resume building things you lose time for FUN! Now don’t get me wrong I love my work at the hospital and I love my time exercising and actually I LOVE LOVE LOVE studying. But now I see that I have to make time for FUN that is unplanned and has nothing to do with my resume.

Unproductive fun.

So I have a few guidelines to help me.

  1. Work on reducing exercise for awhile so that I do not become dependent on it. This includes another rest day that is unplanned. Not easy but something I am ready to work on
  2. While still on vacation: 20 minutes (or 2 ten minute sessions) of unplanned fun
  3. In school: Take study breaks every 2 hours (yes I am one of those Hermonie Granger types who can study all day everyday with breaks only for food)
  4. Find fun at school and meet new people. I am going to try out ballroom dancing at VT first and a new church in Blacksburg. So I have a plan for this one!
  5. Be held accountable. AKA have someone I can tell that I am indeed going to the ballroom (and more than once!)

But the most important thing to remember is that I will not conquer all of these guidelines at once, nor can I automatically do them perfectly (or ever do them perfectly). I will slip up and forget the extra rest day, or forget to have my fun time because things get hectic, and sometimes I will not be able to make it to the ballroom class because I do have school and it matters too, or I might not like the ballroom but that means I find something else. This is about finding the balance again. Saying no to some things sometimes because the other side is more important, but then remembering that the side I said no to is still important and deserves just as many yes’s as the other!

Have a great Monday! My mom and I get to spend another day in Blacksburg fixing up me and the roomie’s townhouse 😀 which is making me uber excited for school and all the new experiences it will bring! I will be back later this week with pictures from the the move and a FUN moment!

She was Always There

If someone were to ask me who my best friend was I would have 2 answers: Kailey (who I praised here) and Rebekah.

Rebekah this is to thank you for always being there for me. I don’t know who I would be in this world without you!

I met Rebekah in the 3rd grade after moving back to Virginia from Texas.  We bonded over a shared dislike for another girl in our class… Remember we were young and impressionable. But 3rd grade came and went and we didn’t really start being best friends again until 5th grade. We were pretty attached at the hip. Rebekah was carefree (sing Cindy Lauper on the playground free!) and I was type A perfectionist (hmm guess some things don’t change). But we shared the loves of Limited Too clothing, boys ;), toe socks do you remember those!!!, and so much more. But midway through 5th grade I went to Disney World and when I came back Rebekah “hated” me. The natural thing to to do was hate her back.  Needless to say I had very few friends at the end of 5th grade and was looking forward to a fresh start in middle school…

Rebekah and I on our way to Ring Dance

Walk into my 6th grade classroom for orientation sit down and then o wait Rebekah walks in too!!! NOOOOOO! yeah we were both mortified and preceded to turn our noses up because well we hated each other! That lasted about a month. We shared two friends that quickly saw what we didn’t: Rebekah and I were meant to be best friends. And we were. We did pretty much everything together, and I started to realize how great a best friend she was. I could tell Rebekah anything and she could do the same. She hated the boy I slowly started to like, yet she never once stopped being my friend. 7th grade couldn’t separate us either. Actually we got closer and a little weirder together. We were obsessed with the movie Mean Girls and had Pink Day every Wednesday. If you aren’t wearing pink you can’t sit with us. Hah! To this day I still laugh if I wear pink on Wednesday.

Prom! and yes we went in a pink limo!

Remember that boy I mentioned? Well in 8th grade we finally really started dating. Rebekah got a boyfriend too and we stopped seeing each other as much because we were no longer in the same classes. But that never made me doubt that if I needed someone Rebekah would be there. And she was. This relationship was hard on me and I lost a lot through it, including some of the new friends I had made at the beginning of 8th grade. But this brought Rebekah back into my life! And although she saw how hard this relationship was on me, she also knew that for some reason or another I loved this boy and she stood by me. Thank goodness she did because if she had left me I would have had no one.

Welcoming me back to a Hickory High School football game after I foolishly left for 6 weeks!

In 10th grade I started down the road that changed my life forever. This was the year anorexia came into my life, and much like that boy, pushed many people out of my life. But Rebekah stayed. Even when I was in my worst state, she is the only person I can recall treating me just the same. And when I decided to stop dancing and start at my high school for the full day Rebekah stood by me and whether she knows it or not made me more confident and comfortable. I know she knows that what happened with my eating disorder was scary, but she never stopped being the same friend she has always been. Everyone else changed a little towards me, not Rebekah and I am so happy for that. I got to keep my best friend and we grew closer! (I didn’t think that was possible)

Rebekah showed me the glory of IHOP 😉

Now Rebekah and I see less of each other because we go to different schools that are about 3 hours away. But we have always said that we share a brain and I really believe that in a way we do! Even miles away I know that Rebekah is there for me. I know that I am not the only one that thinks of pink on Wednesdays. Or walks into a test sometimes and thinks “I really hope i have the whole brain today!”And I know that no matter what Rebekah is my best friend. We used to joke about how when we grew up we would get houses right beside each other, one of us would have a girl, and one of us would have a boy, they would date and marry and then we would be family. I don’t have a lot of money betting that will happen, but Rebekah has been my sister in every possible way anyways. She is already family. She reminds me that carefree is possible, that life has to be fun, and that life without a best friend is no life at all.

We will keep on climbing together!

Life has taken us on quite a few turns Rebekah, and I can’t wait to see where we end up next!