Europe: Words Can’t Describe (Part One!)

I’m back everyone! And with very little jet lag! (although I did wake up after only 5 hours of sleep for the past 2 nights). I want to do a couple posts about everything I saw and learned in Europe.  Because I went to three different countries, and each country had something new to offer one post just isn’t enough (because it would be so long and you might get bored).

Let’s start with the trip over to Germany (and what I learned)

Getting there took a LONG time!

We left @ 6am sharp to drive to Newark Airport where we could park the truck for the time we were away. Notice Dad has the much needed coffee (my chocolate tea and breakfast of champs is waiting in the truck don’t you worry)

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare (NOTE: this is good because security could have been horrific) so we grabbed food and relaxed while waiting for the plane. Airport people watching (and listening) provides great entertainment especially when you are not that into the book you are currently reading!

I have never seen a plane this big! It had two isle rows and a set of rows in the center AND 2 stories! wow. When we got on the plane we had to sleep but dad watched a movie and so did I because well i wasn’t quite tired yet. I actually just watched an episode of Desperate Housewives. I used to LOVE that show in the beginning but then it got really hard to follow

Anyway I fell asleep and was awakened by “dinner” I put this in quotes because I have know idea what time it was, but was a little hungry so I took the meal with a smile

It wasn’t bad! The pasta was sort of watery (apparently that is how Germans like pasta though) I really wasn’t that hungry (and I am now practicing my intuitive eating again but more on that in another post) but I knew I had to eat because it would be awhile until we got to my cousin Sherri’s house. The chocolate pudding in the left corner was the best pudding I have ever had. It had a rich chocolate taste and real dark chocolate shavings on the top 🙂

After I took a couple more hours of sleep I found this map that tracked our flight! SO cool. Do you see the Irish city I am named after?

Anyway the plane ride was surprisingly fast for being over 7 hours. And I did take a lot away from it. Here is the main point of this post coming up

***I realized halfway through my plane meal that I had brought a lot of worry about food on this trip. AKA the whole time I was eating I was only thinking of my eating disorder and how it could control my trip. Glad I caught this because this could have potentially ruined one of the best trips of my life***

  • It was OK for me to be nervous and a little timid, but it was not OK to let those nerves rule the vacation. from the moment I realized what was going on I made a promise to myself that I would enjoy every second of this vacation and allow food to be only a small fraction of the experience. Best idea and I did it too as you will see in my next few posts.
  • One more thing about this issue. Although I decided food would not be the focal point of this vacation I also realized that in order to enjoy myself I would have to be comfortable with the food I did experience and have no regrets. I read Intuitive Eating last year, but still have to remind myself of its principles and how I follow them. This was my opportunity to get back to that.

So everything I chose and everything I did on this trip was with joy and excitement. I have no regrets and only wonderful memories and lessons that I will never forget! I hope in the next couple posts on Europe I can at least give you a glimpse of everything I experienced as well as some tips that helped me to overcome fear and embrace what was to become the best experience of my life (So far)