It’s Craazzzyy Breakdown Kind of Stuff

Crazy things tend to happen to a college student during exam weeks…

Add in it happened to be Halloween week, and well the superstitious might start jumping to conclusions.

Y’all I am coming off one of the more stressful weeks of my academic career– Abnormal Psychology Exam, Metabolic quiz, Science of Food Exam, ServSafe Exam, and a Metabolic Exam all in the course of a week… And although I took off work in advance because I knew this week would be hell (there is just no good way of putting it), my work didn’t follow through and some poor students were expecting a tutor that didn’t/couldn’t show- because I was off!!! I am also really terrible at communication and by Wednesday I had a lot of emotion and stress built up, but I was playing it cool hoping that someone would just read my mind and know I needed support…

I have a big problem with thinking people will just know what I need… It happened with my eating disorder a lot. I expected my parents to read my mind and know I was uncomfortable, or know that I really wanted dessert but was too afraid to say something because I thought I would be judged on my choice. But I do realize deep deep down that this is so distorted and I cannot expect my mom or my dad or my best friends to just know that something is wrong. And if I would just express my emotions as I feel them it would probably save me a lot of tears and snuffles.

But that didn’t happen this week. By Wednesday I was stressed beyond belief as I made a mistake on a metabolic quiz (which just doesn’t happen to me– but I also need to learn that it’s OK that it did) and was unable to focus on some of the pretty amazing stuff going on in my life like beginning to plan this year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Walk (which is going to be awesome!). And instead I was exhibiting quite a few cognitive distortions, such as all or nothing thinking, and selective abstraction (told you I had a Psych exam!). By Wednesday I had convinced myself that no one could help me and that my mom was mad at me… When will I learn?

But mom came to the rescue (like she always amazingly does) and calmed me down. We developed more communication that makes more sense for us, and I realized how much I need her during times of stress. I cannot shut myself away with my flashcards and notes and make excuses like I don’t have time. I do have time or should make time to call my mom, do something fun, and give myself a destress moment. and this time should not just be my meal time… Which has been occurring lately.

So on that note, I went through stress and came out stronger (am I surprised?). My relationship grew even more with my mom (which I didn’t think was possible) and I realize there are quite a few things I need to work on. But I am going to tackle them one at a time. So give me a week of time to think through all of this and then I am going to post ONE goal I have for myself to work on. And I want to stick to it. This ain’t no New Year’s Resolution.

OK but time for a little less seriousness… If you know me, my recovery became solid when I realized I could use my relationship with food as a way to to see what is going on in my life. Well I did that this week. I was all over the place, eating way too many vegetables with way too big of portion sizes that of course only led to my sensitive stomach becoming bloated and my head becoming uncomfortable with thoughts. But some good things did come out of my crazy psych, servsafe, science of food, metabolic mind. CREATIONS!

Baked Pumpkin with Banana, Almond Butter, Flax with a Sweet Egg Banana and Almond Butter Flax Omelet + Cinnamon Laughing Cow Cream Cheese…

Savory turned Sweet!

My sweet tooth was totally satisfied and sweet omelets may or may not be my new thing. Seriously my roomie has a sweet egg a lot but I normally just enjoy the smell and not the taste. This night I ventured to her side of the stove and whisked up my egg and egg whites with some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon, sliced some banana to fill the omelet and topped it with pumpkin seeds and more bananas and cinnamon, and there is some ground flax and laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese (SO GOOD!) in there for good measure. O and that cauliflower floret? I don’t know I told you my mind was a little loopy.

When You Run Out of All Nut Butter During Exams

And You Want Your Favorite Yogurt + Frozen Banana + PB + Flax Breakfast

You just have to improvise and sub the bowl for an empty PB jar and have what may be the best breakfast ever to get you ready for a morning of being a metabolic know it all in review and conquering a Science of Food exam

So last week was up, down, sideways full of smiles and tears. But I gained so much more than the knowledge I was tested on. Life lessons people. I was tested in more than just academics, I was tested in life and maybe I didn’t get an A… but I did get through it and am going to be so much better for it. I have a break before a week like this hits again. Time to study up and maybe do it better the next time!

Good Luck!


It is Friday the 13th. Yes, I am a very superstitious person. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in 8th grade every 13th of the month (it didn’t even matter if it was a Friday!) something weird (not necessarily bad) would occur. To prove that my concerns are warranted: Rebekah (my best friend since I was in 3rd grade) texts me on most Friday the 13ths to say good luck! OK I might be ridiculous but hey we all have our silly beliefs.  My grandmother actually loves this day, especially when it falls on her birthday! But it’s 5 o’clock and, well, nothing bad has happened. Then again I play it careful these days. I did forget my license today in another bag and drove to the hospital and back so some might even say I had good luck because no cop stopped me. It had to happen sometime!

Anyway I have some creations for y’all! Really easy meals I have made that were not only delicious but great for the body! They don’t require a recipe and can be altered for a person’s own taste preferences (these were just mine on that day and that moment)

Salmon, Provolone Cheese, and Mushroom Omelet w/ Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli (broccoli fresh from the backyard garden i might add!)

I got home late (ish… 9pm is late for me most nights) because I was hanging out with a friend from way back when. I wasn’t actually hungry but thought I should probably eat something. (more on this later). This was so easy and delicious! I roasted the Brussel Sprouts after shaking them up with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and I steamed the broccoli. I absolutely love omelets honestly. They are so easy to make, come with endless possibilities of creations, and they really can pound some nutrition into the body! So even though I felt no hunger before this meal I also didn’t feel stuffed afterwards… win win!!!

Deli Meat and Cheese Asparagus Roll Ups!w/ a roasted pepper

This was lunch today. I used to make these great pretzel rolls with “fake meat” and cheese and hummus or laughing cow cheese on a daily basis in high school. I would be looked at SO strangely, but did I care? well actually yes I did but it didn’t stop me from enjoying them. We don’t have the necessary pretzel rods in the house at the moment but we did have Asparagus! So I altered my creation (which I first got from the Today Show).

How To Make “Roll Ups”

  • Take some kind of  food that is like a stick (I can vouch for pretzel rods and asparagus spears)
  • Pick a deli meat and cheese (these are turkey and provolone)
  • And pick a spread (these are ricotta, but I also love laughing cow, hummus, or guacamole)
  • Spread the spread onto your lunch meat and cheese and place your rod food of choice in the center and…
  • ROLL! I then preceded to heat these up but I wouldn’t suggest it with pretzels (might get soggy)

So, other than a brief scare of o man I don’t have my driver’s license This Friday the 13th is turning out pretty good. Although I am getting very frustrated with this feeling hunger thing. What do I do on the the days I don’t feel hungry? If anyone has some advice I would love it. I know what to do if I am not feeling good, but on normal days with my normal exercise I know I need at least 3 good sized meals a day to get my body the nutrients it needs. I just run into the issue of when??? Today for instance I had breakfast around 8:30am (I was sort of hungry for it but not really), but wasn’t hungry when I got home from the hospital like I sometimes am so I worked out first. Well 4 o’clock hit and I still felt nothing so I decided to make that awesome lunch up there. I wasn’t stuffed afterwards either, just feeling a tad confused by my body. So I normally eat pretty late for dinner, but I normally have a rule of if I am not hungry by 9:15pm then I need to get downstairs and make something (especially if I plan on exercise in the morning). Am I wrong should I wait longer for hunger? I don’t think i should because meals take time to not only prepare but also to eat and I like my sleep as much as the next person! I am going to keep trying to feel this hunger out and hope for a break through soon. I am very determined!

O and my friend posted this on her boyfriend’s wall the other day and I found it hilarious 😉

No Plan B

No not the birth control… “No Plan B” was the ultimate point I got from today’s sermon. Our pastor spoke about how when David planned to build God a temple he was stopped by God, who had other plans for David. But that wasn’t a Plan B because the temple didn’t work out. In God’s eyes there is no Plan B, in our eyes we always see life’s struggles and detours and failures as a resort to Plan B.

I am very guilty of thinking like this. Take my dance career, when my body and mind started to resist dance, when an eating disorder took over I decided to go to “plan B” and go to school, work my butt off, and ultimately go to college. But what I am starting to realize is that my dancing, my eating disorder, and other life experiences are just preparatory steps to something bigger.

Another example? I had no real idea where I wanted to go to school or what I was looking for in a school but I knew William and Mary and The University of Virginia were highly prestigious schools so I set my mind on “the best.” but I didn’t get in, i got wait listed. So I chose “plan B” Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech was actually the only school i visited that I got that feeling of home. But I never gave it a lot of consideration because it didn’t have an elementary education track. Good thing God knew that the only place for me was VT because now I am no longer planning a career as an elementary school teacher. (I realized by doing that I would indeed enjoy my career, but I would be taking the safe road). I am in a top notch dietetic program that I didn’t even know existed until the second semester of my freshman year!

Plus I used to never watch football, I now hate to miss a Hokie football game 😉

But yet again i find myself trying to plan out my entire life. Graduate with my Bachelor’s in Dietetics, get that internship that is so coveted and so difficult to obtain, and help those suffering from eating disorders conquer the nutritional aspect of the disease! Good plan, but do I know that it will work? NO. I can hope, but God might have another plan. So as I worry for the next two years about whether or not I am doing everything I need to do to get that internship I will also be reminding myself that if I don’t it is not the end of the world and the next step is not Plan B. but is actually the plan set for me all along!

This day is going to be really great! It started off with a strange craving for breakfast, and just became amazing with church and that sermon.


I woke up craving Eggs, Peanut Butter, and Banana but was struggling to figure out how I would incorporate that into a meal I would enjoy. VOILA a truly Shannon moment. Egg pizza crust, PB “sauce” and banana “pepperoni.” This was a total success in my stomach’s and taste buds’ opinion! And really easy to create!

  • Mix the eggs (I used 2 whole eggs but you could use 1 egg and an egg white or two if you wanted) with a dash (or more) of cinnamon
  • Place on a heated frying pan (sprayed with nonstick spray) and allow the mixture to set
  • Flip like a pancake and cook for one more minute
  • Plate it, spread with PB (or any nut butter) and top with a sliced banana!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Mom and I are off to see Magic Mike!!!

Avocado Books

No I didn’t read a ton of avocado books (is there such a thing?!?) I was very productive the other day and finally cleaned out my old book shelf from my old room (which is now the multipurpose [mess] room.

Books that I LOVE are on this shelf! and they sure did take me back to why I love to read and learn. Here are a few of my favorite things!


Kids books! Dinner at the Panda Palace was the first book I ever read (well memorized and pretended I could read) and I will always love E.B. White for both the Trumpet of the Swan and Charlotte’s Web 🙂

I will never forget A Little Princess. I loved the movie (not the Shirley Temple version) but I loved the book so much more! Does that happen to anyone else or just me?

I also have an obsession with trashy romance novels… (Slightly embarrassed) but I am VERY picky about them. They must be historical, there should be a marriage, and Kings and Queens and princesses and princes are preferred

Last but certainly not least the books of my generation… Twlight series

Now i never really got behind these, I enjoyed the story but found the writing to be mediocre at best. I never reread the series either and have not seen the latest movie

Harry Potter will forever be my favorite world to escape to. I could (and will) read this series for the rest of my life!

This how much I have read the first book… It’s gone to shreds so I had to buy a new one. O and I have 2 of the 6th book because… well it’s a long story, but basically I needed to read it again and was out of town so I just bought it. But it is by no means my favorite in the series. That honor belongs to…

Anyway looking through all of these books made me realize how lucky I am to have all of these books and to have had the opportunity to learn to read and enjoy the pleasure of escaping to all of these different worlds. I really believe literature and story making is one of the best things to happen in this world. So thanks Gutenberg (for the printing press!)

But now to the avocado side of things. I have been having guacamole for the past three days straight! i have been using the Wholly Guacamole packets to make life and my obsession easier.  But I have been quite creative in my guac usage!

Fist off, I make my big meal sized salads in bags.  It makes it so easy to distribute all of the ingredients (and especially the dressing or in this case guacamole!) throughout because I hate when a salad is one a plate and all of the lettuce is at the bottom and all of the good stuff is on top. I want to eat the good stuff last! and that stuff needs the added guac (or dressing) factor a lot less than the somewhat bland lettuce.


So I shake and plate and voila! a perfectly distributed salad (which I always top with some kind of cheese and a handful of almonds)

But really last night I out did my self on my guacamole creation. I knew I wanted eggs and avocado but what else? A pepper, quinoa, peas from the garden, a baked potato (topped with more guac and a laughing cow cheese wedge [chipotle and queso]) and some string beans on the side.

The stuffed pepper was my own creation. i made the mixture of quinoa, scrambled eggs, and peas then mixed in the guac while the pepper (stem removed) roasted in the oven @ 425 for about 15 minutes. Then I filled the pepper and topped the mixture with half of the laughing cow cheese wedge and popped it back in the oven for about 10 minutes while the potato finished baking and I cleaned up 🙂

I now need to get more guacamole to make it through until Tuesday (when I go to EUROPE!) but until then I get more creative and who know maybe three days is enough and I will start a new obsession.

What are your favorite books. Do you still want to read them even when they are done?

Any good great book suggestions?

What is the best thing you have made with guacamole or avocado?