Hokie Hokie Hokie

I Had an Amazing Weekend.

I have to blog about it. My weekend was filled with good food (Mexican veggie goodness, spinach and artichoke stuffed peppers, apple-cheddar mango omelet…), maroon and orange, jumping for my team, and my daddy.

My dad came to visit for the White Out game vs Austin Peay. I have only been here 2 weeks, but I am a mommy and daddy’s only child kind of girl and I miss them both. So I always look forward to their visits. I especially love getting some one on one time with each of them. The first time my dad came out for a game on his own 2 years ago, I had the best time ever. That never changes. Each visit is so special to me. Every minute with him makes me so grateful I have him as my father.

We had a blast at the game. It rained a tad on us, but the worst of it was during half time so we hid out in the concourse for that time and then the sun came out to shine on a Hokie victory! We crushed them 😀

True Hokie fans cheer their team on in the stands rain or shine! I am passionate about my school! Anyways, my dad and I are very alike. We both love our food, want it to be good quality, and tend to make a mess (to my mom’s horror) when we are really enjoying the food. We went out to some great local restaurants around town, including our staple and favorite, Backstreets. BEST MOZZARELLA EVER. I am pretty sure they make it there. Can you say fresh. My dad was also sweet enough to stock me up on some major food. I am on a budget for the first time in my life (I know sad, since I am almost 21, but I did mention I was an only child). Unfortunately that means I am realizing how expensive my staples are. I needed some non-perishables/freezer goods that will last me. Daddy came to my rescue and I couldn’t be more grateful. Eating will be much less stressful now that I know I have enough good food that I enjoy and don’t have to worry about going bad.
The week starts again today. I have a busy day of speaking to an intro class about eating disorders, going to my own classes, talking with students from the class I TA (anatomy and physiology), and tutoring tonight. I love to be busy, but will I love being this busy? We shall see! At least I am going into this week feeling great, happy and content.

Thanks Daddy for an awesome weekend!