The Places I Will Go

Well Loves, it is time for the end of plateitnclimb. 

I began this blog last summer because I was interested to see what blogging was like. I discovered blogging is awesome, but I developed plateitnclimb before I was ready. This little corner of the internet has been amazing and has helped me get out quite a few thoughts and musings, but over the past year I have grown as a person and a professional in the field of nutrition. I want to share my passion for health and nutrition, and I do not feel as though this blog is the place for that. So with great excitement I share with you my new corner of the internet where I will be giving all my metabolic life musings compete with nutrition and exercise information I learn in school as well as other pieces of my life that I find important enough to share!


You can visit me at My Metabolic Life


Where to Begin?

I am back! And I missed you friends while on my mission trip in Atlanta, GA! But Atlanta was nothing like I expected and everything I needed in life. I cannot even describe how my eyes have been opened because … Continue reading

Off on an Adventure

I am off on my second trip of this holiday break! This time I am going with a group called Cooper House from my church in Hokieville (AKA Blacksburg) to Atlanta, GA to participate in a DOOR Ministries mission trip. This is my first mission trip, and I have no idea what to expect. We have our basic schedule, but won’t know what volunteer sites we will be going to in Atlanta until we get there Sunday night. I am really inwardly excited for this trip, and really outwardly nervous. I have no idea what to expect, only know 2 of the people going with me by name, and have no control over what happens and what plans are made.



I want this trip to be a learning experience. The first of many this year hopefully. Here are a few things I hope to gain during this week in Atlanta.

A relationship with God. I have this, but I want my faith to grow stronger, and I want to learn new ways to pray and talk to him. I want to encounter God. You hear about people going on these types of trips and feeling God and seeing him work in their life and the lives of the people around them. I want to experience this!

Friends. Like I said I don’t really know the girls I will be going with. The leader is my bible study leader and TA in metabolic and I love her. So I know I will be comfortable with at least one person. But I hang out with so few people at school because I am always studying that I have few opportunities to meet new people and form relationships. I will be eating, sleeping, working, and worshiping, and riding to and from Atlanta with these girls. I will have plenty of opportunities to break down my wall and make new friends.

Information. About me. I want to learn how I can be flexible with food, exercise, studying (yes I am bringing GRE study materials with me, it is a long ride to GA), and doing things spur of the moment. Because I know so many people are not like me and don’t like to plan every minute of their day. I am hoping this trip will kick start my search for balance and flexibility in my life this year.

So I leave with my mom for Blacksburg today (She is being awesome and driving with me out there and then coming back to pick me up next Friday night), and then GA on Sunday morning! I will not be bringing my computer with me as we will be sleeping in a church with other groups for the week. Plus I want to be experiencing social life- that means not using my computer, social media, and TV shows I could watch as a distraction from these wonderful people and God. I know my reader will be overwhelming when I get back. I am OK with that! I cannot wait to come home and see what all of you have been up to for a whole week!

What I Really Meant When I Said My Mom Works A Lot

When I was about 6 I wrote a story in school titled My Mom Works A Lot. We still laugh about it to this day, but in all seriousness my mom probably felt so bad when I wrote that. But my mom (and my dad) did and still do work a lot. I went to childcare beginning at a very young age, I was normally the first of the children dropped off and one of the last to be picked up. When holidays happened I was at daycare (except Christmas day of course and a few other special ones). My parents couldn’t come to the school parties and I was not taken home early from school on those day like a lot of other children. My parents worked a lot. The story didn’t lie. But I wasn’t trying to hurt my mom when I wrote the tale, I was simply stating a fact.

So let me revise this tale in a few short statements.

My mom works a lot. Because of her I know what hard work can lead to in life. Because my mom worked a lot I was able to become a very self-sufficient child, and can take care of myself. Because my mom worked a lot I looked up to her and her ability to work and still be there for me in all ways whenever I needed her. But most importantly, because my mom worked a lot I learned early to value and savor every minute I have with her. 

What inspired such a post? My mom took off of work for the whole week until today. I got to spend two wonderful days with her and her alone (well there were a few doctor’s appointments in there, which she took me too thank goodness, and I had a date with this girl in the afternoon one day). We relaxed together watching daytime television shows like The View, The Doctors, and Doctor Oz. We ranted about all of the new crash diets that are being featured. I baked and cooked for her birthday. We had time for me to really open up to her about a few of my feelings lately that I have been hiding. Basically we had an amazing couple of days!

My professor's famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

My professor’s famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor's appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter :D

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor’s appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter 😀

I cherish the time I get with both of my parents because we are such a go go go type of family. So when we can sit down on the couch or in bed and laugh at whatever sitcom is on (AKA Big Bang Theory!) then it makes for a pretty awesome evening! So both my parents are back at work today, and I am in the house with my dog and cat who thinks he is a dog. I have another doctor appointment and a few tasks I need to get done. But other than that I am looking forward to when my mom walks in the door from work and we can head to loser night at the YMCA (AKA Friday night = the dead night).

Happy Friday Everyone! What are your plans for the day?


Fun(ish) Facts

I don’t know how FUN these are…

But thanks to this girl I was nominated for…



  1. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Create 11 new questions
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in the post
  5. Thank the blogger who nominated you and tell the bloggers you’ve nominated

And Begin!

    • The first thing you should know about me is I eat an apple everyday. It is beautiful and large and either red or green depending on the day. I alternate.
    • I have had an obsession with patterns since I first learned about them in kindergarten. I kid you not I cam home and exclaimed “Mom we learned about patternens!” (I had bad pronunciation- I was also 5). And so began my efforts to incorporate a pattern into everything I do. School work, workouts, meals you name it I pattern it

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

  • I am also very superstitious. Especially when it comes to things like tests in school. Before everymetabolic exam this semester I had a sweet potato in an almond butter jar and a banana. Never a PB jar that might mess up my mojo. must have given me something (like confidence and assurity?) Because I got a 100 on all 3 exams this semester.


  • There is a strong possibility that I went to elementary school with Robert Griffin III. No joke. And I take that as a sign that Baylor may be my dream internship. So RGIII if your for some random reason reading this please put in a good word for me!
  • I currently have an obsession with this nut butter. It is awesome. But it is also $16… yeah I guess it will be awhile until I get it again.100_1565
  • I got an iPhone. I have no clue about anything iPhone related and could use some tips! Also anyone have tips on how to avoid the technology pull because I really do need to make sure my phone is not a complete distraction from the real world. #technologycannotreplacepeople
    • I sleep in a twin bed and would not have it any other way. Seriously the big beds are too much. I am little and don’t need to stretch out. I always say its just another reason it’s not in the cards for me to have a relationship yet. #singlegirlproblems

Source: Uploaded by user via Alyson on Pinterest

  • This year I have tried so many things I used to shun like the plague. Pinterest (yeah I’m sorry but before I saw it for was it really was… #awesome I thought it was such a waste of time), running (I change what sweat type of exercise I like yearly it seems), alcohol (21!), coffee (addicted now), and spur of the moment hangout sessions with new friends! Pretty proud of the progress I have made since last year when I was a total dorm room study hermit.

Source: via Sharla on Pinterest

  • Pretty sure I was born in the wrong century. Could you put me in the world of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn? I would have fit in perfectly I do believe. Women is dresses, dancing, and making mischievous agendas to get what they want? Yup that’s me.
  • I am a beach girl and find it depressing that the winter = paleness. I used to go tanning all through high school and the first 2 years of college. But my chances of skin cancer are already high (a couple 2nd to almost 3rd degree burns from the sun will do that) and I have no time. So pale it is. #learntoloveit
  • I would have never guessed two years ago how much I would change in college. Virginia Tech has helped me to grow into a person I am becoming pretty proud of if I don’t say so myself. My school and community in the land of Hokies is amazing. I am so happy I can always answer the question “What’s a Hokie?” with I AM!

Time for Caitlin’s Questions!

1.) What is your favorite color? Green! I love it, and wish everything in my kitchen could be green.
2.) What is your favorite baked good or dessert? Big muffins! not the dinky breakfast variety, large muffins people! Or I really like pie. Apple pie to be the most detailed as possible.
3.) What is your favorite sport? I don’t play sports but I will never turn down a good football game in Lane Stadium. GO HOKIES! Seriously though I didn’t like football before coming to VT now I cannot get enough
4.) Do you enjoy reading? If so, what? YES! All types of books really. Right now I am reading a historical romance novel with no purpose except for I like the story. But I want to watch Anna Karenina and the rest of Game of Thrones next. Although HP will forever have my heart.
5.) What do you want to do with your life? This changes A LOT. but I think I figured out I want to get my RD and then go on for a PhD in metabolic nutrition. But I also want a husband who loves me, children to care for, and a happy life surrounded by friends and my family
6.) Do you have a hero or role model? Who? So many but to name a few, my mom, this girl, my best friend Rebekah, my daddy.
7.) What is your favorite number? I have a fascination with the number 3. and 13. I like things to end with 3 and think important things happen on the 13th
8.) Where is the craziest place you’ve traveled? I don’t know if it is crazy but I went to Europe this summer and it was the best trip of my life. I will never forget it and wish I could relive every moment of it.
9.) Did you go to college? Where? I go to VIRGINIA TECH. I love my school. It actually wasn’t my first choice but ended up being the only school that has the degree plan I chose. Everything does sometimes happen for a reason.
10.) What is your favorite cereal? I actually don’t eat a lot of cereal. I overdid it as a child. But Wheaties will always hold a place in my heart.
11.) What is your favorite way to pass some free time and/or relieve stress? What free time? haha kidding. I really like to bake. It keeps my hands busy and my mind relaxed. But if I baked every time I was stress my house would be covered in baked goods. hmmm not very conducive to studying. So I normally take a bath and read a magazine.
So I have no idea who has done this already. I honestly thing everyone on my small reader has but if the follow people haven’t DO IT! Here are my questions for Caffeinated Runner- Kailey/Twin, Fueled by LOLZ- Hollie, and Chocolate Tea Time- Irina
  1. Do you have any pets? What kinds?
  2. What was your favorite birthday present?
  3. Do you have a favorite subject in school? What is it?
  4. Do you have any superstitions?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. Would you rather be hot or cold?
  7. What is your exercise of choice?
  8. Favorite restaurant?
  9. What TV shows are you currently loving?
  10. What is your favorite vacation you have ever taken?
  11. If you could be/do anything in life what would it be?

Are you sad when it ends?

When you reach the end of a task that you have chosen to do, what are your feelings? Do you jump for joy because it is over? Or do you feel a twinge of sadness and perhaps shed a few tears?

There was a time that I loved to dance. When reverence came at the end of ballet class I was deeply saddened. Yes I felt fulfilled at all I had learned and accomplished during the class or the nearly 7 hour day of dance and rehearsals, but I was sad it was over. I never wanted it to end.

And then one day I did. I can’t pinpoint the time or the place it happened, but one day I stopped feeling the sadness that it was over for the day and instead began celebrating the end. I watched the clock counting down the minutes until it was time to complete my last turn or jump so I could curtsy, clap, thank the instructor, and get the heck out of my ballet shoes, leotard and tights.

When we stop wanting it to never end, and start jumping for joy because it’s over, we should stop doing it. It took me years to just stop trying to dance again. But now that I have I found that thing that makes me sad when it ends again. I am not one of the many students that looks towards break all semester long. Yes I am thankful for this break to rest my mind and body, but I miss school. And when I turned in my last final last week I can honestly say I was sad. Sad the semester had come to an end. I was sad that studying would be put on hold for a month, and I would not be sitting in my metabolic lecture Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We all have something we hold dear to our hearts. A passion that comes from within. Dance and other art forms are a great example because you always hear about the passion artists have for their talent. How they feel like they cannot live without it. How they would do anything to dance, sing, paint, ect. But that passion is not limited to the dancers and the artists and the singers. That passion is in all of us in some shape or form. Mine is school. I have a passion for learning and helping others to learn the material I hold so close to my heart. For some it is running, walking, their job… It can be anything!

So ask yourself, do you love what you are doing? Are you sad when it’s over? Or are you like I became with dance, always looking towards the final curtain call because it means it’s over and you are happy to see the end. Seeing the end in sight is great, it gives you a goal, but when you get there I hope you are like me and want the finish line suddenly disappear so that it just never ends.

Watta Weekend!

I haven’t had a weekend home in quite some time. Although to be honest it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was home: it was summer, and I had nothing to do but volunteer at the hospital and spend time soaking in the sun. Thankfully the weather is cooler this time and serves as a reminder to me to get work done!

This doesn’t even begin to describe my work load over the next 4 weeks!

But since I go back Sunday and have epic plans next Saturday (AKA a hair appointment and meeting this awesome girl for the first time!) I wanted to spend as much time with my mom and dad as possible (they both work so I don’t have the week days with them except for turkey day and black Friday). So I refused to hole myself up in my room working the whole time. I did get some things done, but I gave myself breaks and I must say I really enjoyed myself because of it!

White Pizza with spinach and tomatoes and a butt load of carrots and celery… Surprisingly my stomach was just fine after all that fiber!

Saturday night was always pizza night in our house since before I can remember. I got home from dance with mom and pizza in hand. The pizza place has changed a few times over the years and so have the toppings, but the routine still feels the same. I love it.

History from the city I grew up in

Mom and I decided to take a little walk on Sunday afternoon at the Lock’s park in my town. This is where the first land battle in VA of the Revolutionary War played out. Kind of cool! We walked down to stand underneath the bypass, which was pretty cool because I drive on that thing daily. And it sort of sounded like a battle above me!

Mom then proceeded to take me to Target, where I bought things I needed and some things that I may or may not have needed but really wanted. My spendings: Two new travel mugs (I only like tea and coffee from travel mugs for some reason and my current one is super stained from my morning tea); Our wine for Thanksgiving dinner!; A new workout pullover; cute headband to keep my ears from freezing off during morning walks; Tights to keep me stylish and warm in my clothing of choice (Read: Skirts and dresses); More hand cream (my hands are cracking like mad!); and a nifty coffee gadget for my future coffee/keurig we are looking for on black Friday this year.

I also bought two tickets to see the Moscow Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker when it comes to Tech next week! Beyond excited! Now I just have to ask off from work! And I ordered an epic planner from Erin Condren. These planners are kind of expensive but so worth it from what I have seen. Since I am a very schedule oriented person this was well worth it. And will make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Ham, spinach, and tomato w/ swiss laughing cow cheese and provolone mozzarella omelet and sauteed brussels sprouts, carrots, and orange bell pepper

This lunch made my afternoon. Enough said.

Mom and I also went to our town’s pitiful excuse for a farmer’s market on Saturday. While it was pitiful I did manage to pick up 3 sweet potatoes and spinach. I thought this particular potato was super cool! and when I cut it open it was so beautifully orange! Hello Vitamin A and Beta-carotene! Too bad my eyes already stink 😉

Favorite Sunday Night Sweet Potato

It is official this is my go to Sunday night meal. I don’t know what happens to me on Sundays, but the time gets away from me no matter what. All of a sudden I am sitting at my desk (or in the case of this night, on my mom’s bed) doing homework when I look at the clock and its past dinner time! So I go to the quick nuking of this glorious meal! This one has cinnamon laughing cow cream cheese, almond butter (of course), pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and pomegranate seeds! It was awesome.

If I am being honest, every time I decided to take a break I would look at my to-do list and a part of me would cringe at the fact that the break would take me away from it and potentially stop me from completing something on it. But I still left the list behind to go have a little fun. It was obviously worth it. I know I can’t do work all of the time, but finding the balance between work and play is pretty difficult for me. Definitely something I need to work on.

If anyone has any tricks to relaxation/taking yourself away from the never ending to-do list of projects, studying, and other misc. stuff I would greatly appreciate it!

I hope everyone had as great a weekend as me and is looking forward to this week and the special day set for us to show gratitude in our lives.