Root Resolutions On!

New Year’s Resolutions have been in place for a week now. How are yours going? I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that almost every person that makes a resolution makes at least one about health, diet, or fitness. Now this doesn’t have to mean weight loss, but for many it does. Gym memberships rise drastically in the months of January and February as people try to reach their fitness goals.

I go to the gym on a pretty regular basis. Not as regular as my parents, who go everyday for the most part, but I go enough that I have a regular machine/treadmill (really I have a set of treadmills because I don’t want to get attached to just one lol). Well for the next couple months I probably wont get to use my preferred treadmills because the gym will be so packed that I will be lucky to get a machine at all when I first get there. That’s OK if I have time I will wait for a machine to become available, if not I will eitherΒ  do something different or go home and come back at another time or day.

I cannot believe how rational and normal that just sounded. Because that is not how I always used to be. I had to get my machine, tears could be shed if I had to miss a workout due to lack of parking and/or machines. That is why I got my own elliptical for Christmas my senior year of high school actually. But a realization thanks in part to this girl and my classes in college has helped me to relax and see the bigger picture in this entire situation.

More of the population than ever before is obese (more than 1/3 of US adults and 17% of children under 19 according to this article). Obesity can lead to many metabolic problems in the human body, including insulin resistance and the development of Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. But exercise can help with insulin resistance by changing the ratio of fiber types in skeletal muscle- Type 2 is more likely to be insulin resistant and is associated with obese individuals, while more Type 1 fibers are found in trained individuals and these individuals are more insulin sensitive.Β  Email me with questions I could talk your ear off about metabolism and regulation just ask my parents. They have been suffering it throughout my Christmas break.

The point I am trying to make is that everyone needs exercise and a healthy diet for their body to run the most efficiently and to prevent many diseases. Rather than bemoaning the increase in gym memberships this year and believing with joy that most of these newbies will fail we should be rooting them on. Hoping that instead of membership slowly declining, it continues to rise so that the gym has to expand!

So New Year’s fitness resolutioners I wish you the best! I hope to see more and more of you at the gym finding the fitness activity you love. If that is my favorite treadmill, have fun we can work out a schedule so we can both use it πŸ˜‰

What’s in a name?

My roommate and I have this enormous pet peeve… Proper name calling is a rule in our house.

What you call something can really paint a picture in the head of what that thing is supposed to look like, taste like, and be.

Krispy Kreme muffins… You have me asking then why does my breakfast taste like a cupcake?

Pancakes (no eggs!!!)… Hmmm they sure do look like crepes did I make them wrong?

Avocado Butter… why does my butter taste like the guacamole I had last night!?!

Just a mini rant on our part, but seriously people can we please stick to calling things what they actually are?

Some muffins are legit muffins but calling some sugary baked thing that may look like a muffin breakfast doesn’t make it a muffin… A cupcake is a cupcake whether you eat it in the morning, afternoon, or at night. I you want a cupcake for breakfast go ahead and have one! But you might be hungry sooner than your normal lunch time so bring a snack πŸ˜‰

Pancakes are fluffy, crepes are not. Both are really good but when I went into it thinking I was making fluffy pancakes and got crepes, I will be extremely disappointed with my breakfast not going to lie.

I love Avocado, I spread it, eat it sliced, and intend to bake it with egg very soon. But I also love butter, and when I want a buttered roll I am not thinking of a guacamoled roll. Both creamy and delicious but in my book an avocado spread is guac and butter should always come from a cow (or goat or something else that gives milk) not the ground.

O.K. I am done. Have a great day! And thanks for enduring my rambling rant πŸ˜‰

You Need to Bend

Hello πŸ˜€

I have a relatively simple idea in my head. It has been churning since last week so I think it is time to get it out. I am of the belief that ideas left in your head, no matter what, lead to no good. Now that doesn’t mean bad things come out of them all of the time. Sometimes it just means you are hiding your brilliancy with the rest of the world (NOT COOL!), but sometimes it means those thoughts are churning, churning, churning, which leads to a great deal of tension in life.

First, a couple highlights from this week:

  1. School is officially stressful. I am up to my hairline with work, and entirely too much reading. I am OK with the work and studying. I actually enjoy it. It is the reading I am having trouble with. With exception of my Science of Food text book and parts of my abnormal book I just do not take in information via the written word. So although readings are assigned I think I may study my way. It has never let me down before. I am also going to ask other classmates who have taken the classes what they suggest. They did pass the class and get internships for a reason right!?!
  2. I went to the first home football game this week. I MISSED HOKIE FOOTBALL SO MUCH! We won. The game was stressful, but we won.
  3. I started tutoring officially this week. I am going to love this job. I love teaching material I enjoy and seeing other people grasp it too. I also love when no one shows. I get paid for sitting in my little cubby and studying (can you say win win!!!)
  4. My dad comes today for the football game Saturday. We are going to have a blast. He is staying at the apartment of course, and he is going to enjoy time with me in beautiful Blacksburg! Plus I need to stock up on stable and freezable foods. Now that I am living here I realize I do not have what I need to stay on a budget.
  5. And finally, I had my first quiz in Metabolic Wednesday. ACED IT! πŸ˜€ I am a nerd when it comes to school. A perfectionist that needs to realize that perfect grades aren’t possible. but when you know the material, you know the material! That has been happening a few of my classes actually. Last year I never spoke up when I knew the answer. Now, you best bet I am going to answer and look like a total Hermione Granger in class.

OK. Now for the meat of this post:

I have been running into the issue lately with lots of people being stuck in their habits. We are growing up, in college, and adapting to a new life on our own. Take living in an apartment this year: you have to make compromises because you can’t live the same way you do at your parents home. When you are married, you and your significant other will have different habits, viewpoints, and needs (some of these needs will be shared, like the need to compromise and save money in the form of water, electricity, and warming or cooling the house). You have to bend. you can’t keep doing the things you did when you were living with your parents. This is a new house, a new point in your life, and a new place. Literally everything is essentially new! So you have to bend. It might feel uncomfortable for awhile, but so did that old habit you have when you first started to do it.

You have to bend. That means when working with a group (which I have a lot of this semester) you have to work with everyone’s busy schedules. It is not easy. For me that might mean changing up my studying time, or my meal time, or it might mean not working out that day. Each group member has to compromise to find a time and place and strategy that will result in your group successfully (Read: get an A) completing the assignment.

Plans change. That means just because you were planning on “blah, blah, blah” to happen doesn’t mean it will. Things happen. Circumstances change. Remember that is why pencils have erasers. So that we can erase and insert new plans into our planners. (or whiteout for you pen lovers)

So I encourage each of you to evaluate life a little bit.

Are you stuck in your ways? Is this making things easier for you in a new place? Yes old habits bring comfort. But comfort doesn’t lead to adventure and discovery of new things to fill up your life. Make compromises and get out of your comfort zone. Because I promise you there is going to be a time when that old habit HAS to change. Whether it be for money reasons, your grade, or something else.

We as a population have to compromise. Change has to happen in order for progress to occur.