About this Girl

My name? Shannon

My story? Still working on it, but so far:

Since before I can remember I have danced and dreamed the dream that most performers do: Move to NYC, make it in a show (dream show… Wicked), and become the role model for the next generation of young dancers.

Then came an eating disorder.  I blamed dance for a really long time for my anorexia, but after years of therapy even after my weight and mind were restored I am finally coming to terms with the story behind my troubles with food.  I was not happy dancing anymore, but it was all I knew so I turned to an eating disorder to “escape.” I did this a few more times in my life through my recovery and after and kept trying to keep dancing.

I competed in the Miss America Pageant system, and although my parents started out having reservations about pageants now it is known in our household that pageants are about so much more than beauty.  The Miss America Organization saved my life.  But I out grew that too and I had to figure out what I wanted from life. Dance? not really, that dream died a long time ago.  I know I had the ability but I had none of the passion anymore. Pageants? Not really, I was tired of competing and was beginning to change myself into something I am not and I know that is not what Miss America is about. School? YES

I have always prized myself on my ability to exceed even my expectations in the classroom, and I love to learn.  So I am putting a lot of energy into being the best student I can be, in order to one day be the best professional I can be.  I have always had lofty dreams no matter what it is that I am working towards. School is no different for me I want to graduate with as close to a 4.0 GPA as possible, graduate with honors, and go on to a great dietetic internship program, receive my RD along with a Masters in Nutrition and then a Doctorate.  I honestly believe this is possible with a little bit of hard work.  But I also know that life is not ours for the planning, and I can work my butt off but if at the end of the day something else was in store for me then I have to listen to myself and trust that I will make it through.

Thanks to my eating disorder I can listen to myself and hear clearer than ever. My choices (especially when it comes to food) have helped me to realize what is going on in this head of mine.  So that is what I want to share with you, I am not scared of life anymore because I have the resources to live it healthfully and happily thanks to the struggles I was able to overcome.

I don’t know much about life (I am only in my 20’s)

But life’s sort of like picking the perfect apple at the market… You really don’t know how good it will be unless you take a bite. A bite out of life that is. 

So, while not everyone struggles with the same thing, we do all have to make choices everyday that potentially change our lives.  Once of the choices we all share is the food we eat.  Choosing food not only brought me out of my eating disorder, it also helps to guide me through everyday.


12 thoughts on “About this Girl

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you started blogging; what a story you have and it seems like you have a lot of valuable things to say. Are you on Twitter? That’s probably the best way to connect with other bloggers. Nice to meet you 🙂

  2. Your story is beautiful, thank you for the hope and energy you have shared. I’ve struggled with bulimia for the past five years, and sometimes it is difficult to find freedom on the horizon. Thank you for the reminder that LIFE is waiting for me beyond this disorder.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my story! Keep on working to find that freedom everyday of your life, I promise it exists and brings with it so many possibilities and reasons to hope!

  3. We always thought you were an amazing young lady now….WE know Shannon!! Your story is amazing but the way you move peole with your words is the same way a dancer moves an audience….Now Shannon you are doing the well desreved dance called Life! So glad Casey and got to know you..Please write a book for young readers…you have a gift! Mrs. Shepard

  4. I’m so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!
    It is so inspiring to hear from others who have been through anorexia and beaten it! I wish you all the best with your education! I am sure you can do it great 😀
    Look forward to reading more of your blog posts! x

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