Life Lesson From Dad

Today = a week has gone by since my daddy visited me over his spring break. He stayed with me Wednesday night – Saturday early afternoon and we had many adventures and most importantly I took the time to enjoy myself and set all work aside(except for the first morning when I had early morning diet prep and class, but I was quiet and he didn’t even wake up when I was fumbling around in the kitchen at 5am). Let me show you a few pieces of the time I spent with my dad.

Β Β Β  image-5

Yes that is snow and no it isn’t Christmas… Dad I went on runs on our own only 4 hours prior to this too… We went into the movie theater (which we had all to ourselves!) and went we came out about 3 inches had fallen. I felt so bad that my dad had to deal with this for his SPRING break! But I was also so grateful that God placed him in my life on this day because I almost got in an accident because my car wouldn’t stop. There was nothing that could have been done, and I was very lucky I didn’t hit that car, but if I had my dad would have been there and was there to take over the role of driver for the rest of the night.


It took us a good 3 hours to get back to my apartment. I only live 15 minutes from the theater, traffic was really bad. I was pretty anxious (fake nails were being picked to shreds the whole way home- don’t worry mom I painted them immediately and am hoping to work on my goal of stopping the nail biting). Part of what was causing my anxiousness was that this snow really messed with my eating plans! I wanted to take daddy to the new dining hall and that could no longer happen and I had no idea what to do. You see my dad enjoys food just as much as me and I had been looking forward to his visit because it meant really good food and no cooking! But our plan was thwarted by the snow. Good thing my dad is a genius and suggested we hit the bar that is a 5 minute walk from my place!


I love my dad. This was still an epic dinner with an awesome bar sandwich and a frozen Margarita to for me and 2 large beers for dad to keep us warm πŸ˜‰


The next day was a full one too! Dad and I went running in the morning and then I got to take him to our new dining hall finally! Then we stopped by to visit roomie as she had her first weekend of fitting people for shoes! She fit my dad for a nice new pair of shoes, which he loves!


Well our dinner plans were almost lost AGAIN. We literally went to 5 different places before making it to the best Italian place in town officially. Zeppolis in Blacksburg makes their own pasta, you get freshly baked bread with your meal + a side salad, and the portions are never skimpy. Dad got us a bottle of Merlot, and I have to say I am a fan! I am so glad we ended up here and it will be our first choice from now on!


We finished our last night together in style with dessert! I don’t have dessert very often (not a huge sweet tooth… sorry) but when I go out I love to have the full 3 courses. Splitting this with my dad was an awesome choice and redeemed cannolis for me too.

This time with my dad was so needed. He relaxed me and made me see there is a lot more to life than always studying and working. Yes those things are important and my education certainly means something, but in the grand scheme of things, yes I will remember enzymes and metabolic pathways of nutrients and I will take a test of health counseling this week and a test in communicating with food next week, but I will cherish the days like these where I learned something more important and something only life can test me on.

My dad showed me I can go with the flow, and have fun in the process. A snowstorm in the spring or waking up to a towed truck (yup that happened too- told you we had an adventure) are parts of life, but they certainly don’t have to ruin the day if you can find ways to make up for them.

I love you daddy. Thank you for an amazing break and see you in 2 weeks!


8 thoughts on “Life Lesson From Dad

  1. It sounds like you had such an awesome time with your dad! Sorry your meal plans kept on getting thwarted, but it sounds like you found some awesome alternatives instead. You can’t go wrong with freshly made pasta!! Spending time with my family always reminds me to stop stressing so much about school too. Yes, learning is important, but it’s so important to get out there and live!

  2. Your visit with your dad sounds absolutely wonderful, love πŸ™‚ I’m so happy that you guys got such time together and lived it up to the fullest..:i love going out to eat with mine, too. We have similar tastes so we share everything, which lets us have a little bit of everything πŸ™‚

    • haha! I wish we shared. He always gives me a taste, but he eats so fast I don’t get much more of his meal. I always have to take what I want of the appetizer right away because if I don’t he will finish it before I take 3 bites!

  3. I’m really glad you had such a great time with your dad. It looks like an absolute blast! I couldn’t believe that day you texted me with the snow and it was like 50 degrees in Oswego….so confusing. You know I’m super close with family so I can def relate.

    • um yeah that snow was awful and the weather is still not feeling too warm. I mean 50 would be great in March but at the end of April I am thinking it should be 70-80! My cousin actually sent me a video of Oswego that day to make me jealous!

  4. Aww it looks like you had an incredible time with your dad!! I think sometimes parents (or friends or whoever) visiting are essential for reminding us to relax, and that it’s okay when things don’t go according to plan – you can still have a great time, and in some cases find a better place! I saw the instagram pics and holy wow – epic meals!! The italian place sounds right up my alley πŸ˜€ I always love when my mom and dad come to visit – it’s really hard to be away from them for long periods of time! (thank goodness I’m moving back!)

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