Epic Mother-Daughter Weekend- No food attached

I have only been back for a week, but this past weekend was needed. Maybe because I knew it would be epic.

My mom came to meet me (well she picked me up) in Roanoke for a mother-daughter weekend I have been looking forward to since we bought tickets to the Carrie Underwood Concert. I knew it would be one of the best weekends because I would be seeing an awesome concert and I got to spend 2 nights with my mom in a hotel room away from school work, blogging, and worries.

Breakfast Saturday Morning. So happy to be there with my mom.

Breakfast Saturday Morning. So happy to be there with my mom.

Excited for the concert!

Excited for the concert!

I met Hunter Hayes!!! :D Not even going to pretend this isn't a big deal!

I met Hunter Hayes!!! 😀 Not even going to pretend this isn’t a big deal!

<3 I love my mom. I wish every weekend could be spent with her.

I love all of the precious moments I spend with my mom. She grounds me and understands me. When I am having a rough moment or day, I know she will understand. She does everything in her power to ensure I have everything I need to make me happy and help me be successful in this thing we call life.

We did indeed enjoy some pretty amazing food and I have posts about it coming to you (when I have time and the power to write them) But really this weekend was about the moments, the smiles, and the precious time I had with my mom. Food was only a (good) part of it. But I would gladly eat bland, non rave worthy food for a life time for another weekend like this with my mom.


15 thoughts on “Epic Mother-Daughter Weekend- No food attached

  1. Aww mom-daughter weekends are seriously the best! It’s always so nice to forget the stress of school for a while and just enjoy some good ol’ mom time. I’m glad you had such a good weekend. 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Hunter Hayes though… I’ll have to check him out!

    • I seriously had a blast. Not going to lie I got anxious about not doing work all day Saturday, but it was worth it and I was surprisingly not overwhelmed on Sunday!

      Deff check him out! I am convinced I should marry him lol

  2. I’ve never heard of Hunter Hayes but I totally get where you’re coming from on the amazing weekend. Even when it’s only been a week, there’s something about seeing my mom that puts me at ease and helps me get through the week. Some of my best memories are ones where I have joined my mom on her business trips for weekends and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’m glad it went so well for you!!

  3. What a lovely post about your mom! I sometimes get driven crazy by my mom, but ultimately she really is my best friend. She knows me and loves me more than anyone else in the world, and I think she would say the same about me! Well done on meeting Hunter Hayes! He’s cute!

    • Having my mom as my best friend is the best. I always have her and even when one of us is going crazy, we always have each other. I love how our relationship has evolved since I was a teenager too. Yes yes he is, I wish I could meet him again!

  4. I LOVE your last paragraph, girl…a weekend all about the moments? I don’t think it gets any better, and I’m so happy that’s what you did 🙂 Carrie Underwood, a hotel stay and good food are just bonuses…but awesome bonuses for sure 😉

  5. aww man! Mother-daughter time is absolutely the BEST. My florida vacation was like that, just me and her chilling in Florida, staying in a hotel, not worrying about my life here in Colorado. Sounds like yours was much the same, and honestly I think the first weekend back at school after a break is the hardest in terms of homesickness! and OMG YOU GOT TO MEET HUNTER HAYES!!!! holy crap!!! yeah that is definitely worth a lifetime of crappy food!!!

    • Haha yes Hunter Hayes is my new crush I do believe (good thing he is my age!) The first week is deff the hardest, what makes it even harder is that every weekend has something going on with friends or family so I don’t think I will be settling in again until May.

  6. I’m really glad you had such a great time. I actually really wanted to go see the Carrie Underwood concert (she is up around here tonight) but couldn’t since I’ve missed so much work. So jealous and we def need a catchup session!

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