Happy Holiday!

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Today is Registered Dietitian Day!

The RD credential is vital when determining who is the best source of safe and accurate nutrition information.

How awesome is it that one day I will be a part of this profession? I think it is awesome and am so grateful God has given me the gifts that have led me to this career path that is so versatile and always evolving! What I love most about my future as an R.D. is that nutrition is never stagnant. New information and research is always being done and I get to be a part of it! I also get to share my passion food and all of its good for you goodness to the world as my job! Nothing gets better than that!

Happy holiday to all of the registered dietitians out there! I cannot wait to be one of you!


10 thoughts on “Happy Holiday!

  1. That’s funny – our National Dietitian’s Day is a week from today! But happy Registered Dietitian Day to you anyway! 😀 I’m so excited for my future as an RD too. I actually just found out on Monday that I got into my first choice internship!!!!!!!! I haven’t shared it on my blog/twitter yet just to be respectful to anyone in my program that hasn’t heard yet, but I’ll be sharing the news soon!

    • OMG girl congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! How nice not to have wait until the match in April! Lucky! Well having the two holidays spread out makes it even better! Maybe I will celebrate with you too 😉

  2. Happy National RD day!! I also considered a career as an RD for awhile – it’s such a great profession, and RD’s have really made a huge difference in my life. I think you’re going to be an incredible one – especially because you’re so science-oriented! 😀

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