The Most Important Valentine

I have had many Valentines. Well not many, but in my opinion I have had one every year of my 21 years. Ever since I was little my mom has made sure I had something for Valentine’s Day and made me feel very special. She showed me love and for that I am grateful. Then I had friends that sent cards and flowers throughout my school years and I sent the same back. They showed me that I am loved and appreciated in their lives and we have a lot of fun celebrating this day. I have had the boy valentine 3 times in my life and I can honestly say that these were actually the least memorable of them all. But the most memorable Valentine’s Day occurred 4 years ago.

One February 14, 2009 I reached my recovery goal weight. On February 14, 2009 I celebrated Valentine’s Day with the best type of love. Self Love.

Valentine’s Day will always hold a special day in my heart and in my life. No matter what my relationship status, I always have something to celebrate. I celebrate the love I hold for myself and my on-going recovery. On this day each year I remember that feeling of life I felt when my mom looked at me and told me I was there. And I remember the feeling of determination to keep going. I wanted this feeling to last. I saw everything I had gained beyond the weight. Finally I could look into the mirror and smile.182830_10150093622817066_5378333_n

In that mirror stands a girl who is healthy. In that mirror stands a girl who is worthy of love. Love that first and foremost comes from within and should be celebrated every day.

I encourage each of you to celebrate this day whether you are “in a relationship” or “single” Make this day about showing your love to yourself and to everyone around you. Be your own valentine and be a valentine to the world around you because love should be shared.


17 thoughts on “The Most Important Valentine

  1. LOVE THIS! It’s so important to love yourself – and to base that love on who you are as a person, not on how you look. Happy Valentine’s Day girl!

    PS. Cooking beans from scratch isn’t that hard… as long as you keep an eye on the time and don’t overcook them haha.

    • Thanks girl! Looks are so individual anyways so what is there to base a judgement on anyways? I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! ❤

      Then I am so trying it on a break/free night!

  2. I LOVE THE PART ABOUT THE MIRROR. Okay, that needed to be in all caps but it is so great! It kind of reminds me of an ad, actually 😉
    I’ve actually NEVER had a valentine of the boy variety, but my mom always comes through. Last year I was actually with her on valentine’s day for swim conferences and she made me cupcakes. I think I have a package coming in the mail today. She is the most important one for sure. Moms are the best, aren’t they?

    • Thank you! Vanishing Mirrors was actually one of the amazing things that helped me to heal. I didn’t look at myself in a mirror for months (why I don’t care if I wear make-up ever again) 😀

      Moms are awesome! Mine sent me a starbucks giftcard for my Friday tradition/addiction and got me a rose plant I can help grow and flourish!

    • It was probably the most unspecial ever which made it more awesome. Because it means I don’t need holidays to make me me. It means that yes this anniversary will always be mine and I am my own valentine, but now I can share that love everyday 😀

  3. This post is absolutely beautiful. You continously impress me with your posts and wow. I am so happy for you and it so obvious how much you have grown and evolved since then. You are such an inspiration for so many people.

    • Hollie you have to know how much this means coming from you my friend. Because you are an inspiration and a role model to so many including myself. I cannot wait to get together again in March BTW

  4. I think this may just be my favorite Valentine post that I read all day. I think the relationship that we have with ourself is the most important one in our lives because it really goes on to affect all of our other ones. I know it’s kind of cliche to say, but I don’t think we can love another as well as we should unless we love ourselves first… if we don’t, then that insecurity and neediness will always get in the way. Happy Valentine’s Day, girlie 😀

    • Well isn’t this just an awesome compliment. Thank you girl! And you are right. I think it is why God has chosen not to bring that special someone into my life yet. Until I have loved me completely I won’t know the love that person has to give to the love I have to give for that person!

  5. BEST VALENTINE’S DAY POST EVER!!! Self-love is absolutely the most important kind, and I’m actually a firm believer that you can’t fully love another person until you love yourself. I think this year is the first year that I’ve actually LOVED myself and my life rather than wishing I were somewhere else. And I remember in middle school thinking it was SO LAME that my PARENTS got me a valentine’s gift, but I’ve totally gotten past that – I’m so lucky that my parents still do that for me! And friends too – love isn’t just for couples. I think for me, getting awesome news about my future today (something that I worked hard for, nonetheless!) was WAY better than anything a guy could’ve gotten me. Happy Valentine’s Day girl, I hope it was awesome!

    • You hit it right on the nail! I would like to say again that your gift is awesome and something only you could have given to yourself because it was your determination to get better from an ED, get surgery and recover responsibly and safely, and apply to where you had your dreams set! So proud of you! I hope you showed yourself a lot of love!

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  7. Such a sweet post! I couldn’t agree more that self-love is the most important stepping stone in life. You have to learn to love yourself before you can fully understand how to love others and share love with the world. If you can appreciate yourself in every way possible, everything else simply falls into place. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day, gorgeous!

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