Root Resolutions On!

New Year’s Resolutions have been in place for a week now. How are yours going? I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that almost every person that makes a resolution makes at least one about health, diet, or fitness. Now this doesn’t have to mean weight loss, but for many it does. Gym memberships rise drastically in the months of January and February as people try to reach their fitness goals.

I go to the gym on a pretty regular basis. Not as regular as my parents, who go everyday for the most part, but I go enough that I have a regular machine/treadmill (really I have a set of treadmills because I don’t want to get attached to just one lol). Well for the next couple months I probably wont get to use my preferred treadmills because the gym will be so packed that I will be lucky to get a machine at all when I first get there. That’s OK if I have time I will wait for a machine to become available, if not I will either  do something different or go home and come back at another time or day.

I cannot believe how rational and normal that just sounded. Because that is not how I always used to be. I had to get my machine, tears could be shed if I had to miss a workout due to lack of parking and/or machines. That is why I got my own elliptical for Christmas my senior year of high school actually. But a realization thanks in part to this girl and my classes in college has helped me to relax and see the bigger picture in this entire situation.

More of the population than ever before is obese (more than 1/3 of US adults and 17% of children under 19 according to this article). Obesity can lead to many metabolic problems in the human body, including insulin resistance and the development of Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases. But exercise can help with insulin resistance by changing the ratio of fiber types in skeletal muscle- Type 2 is more likely to be insulin resistant and is associated with obese individuals, while more Type 1 fibers are found in trained individuals and these individuals are more insulin sensitive.  Email me with questions I could talk your ear off about metabolism and regulation just ask my parents. They have been suffering it throughout my Christmas break.

The point I am trying to make is that everyone needs exercise and a healthy diet for their body to run the most efficiently and to prevent many diseases. Rather than bemoaning the increase in gym memberships this year and believing with joy that most of these newbies will fail we should be rooting them on. Hoping that instead of membership slowly declining, it continues to rise so that the gym has to expand!

So New Year’s fitness resolutioners I wish you the best! I hope to see more and more of you at the gym finding the fitness activity you love. If that is my favorite treadmill, have fun we can work out a schedule so we can both use it 😉


10 thoughts on “Root Resolutions On!

  1. What a great post and I’m so proud of you. It does sound rational. I used to get really upset if all the treadmills were taken or gym machines I wanted and then it hit me. A workout, run, whatever is just one of many in your collection of fitness. Such as one grade won’t kill your overall GPA, one workout won’t make or break you. Coming to that realization made me entirely laid back in my gym approach.

    • I am coming to terms (actually I have come to terms) with the missing a work out or changing it up. Now I need to work on the grades thing lol. But that is a little harder, I don’t want to purposefully do bad in a class to teach me it won’t kill my GPA

  2. Well done, darlin! Seriously, look at how far you’ve come to say this!! And I think it’s a wonderful idea, so I’m with you on cheering the lucky gym goers on 🙂

  3. The fact that you are able to be happy for other people making an effort to be healthy shows how far you’ve come! Good for you for not stressing about workouts- we could all take a lesson from you 🙂

    • Aw thanks girl! I totally understand your stress as you train for the season, I just hope that you can relax during it and if something happens and you have to deviate from the plan slightly that you will be OK and run on along!

  4. Hooray for establishing a normal atitude towards working out! Your approach is perfect – relaxed, realistic, and stress-free. I also tend to encourage people to work out (run mostly), especially my immediate family and close friends. The obesity epidemic honestly worries me, I hope there will be a tipping point in our society. People need to educate themselves on the dangers of obesity beyond to obvious. I see the efforts food companies and restaurants are taking to encourage healthy habits, but is it enough? Exercise is just as important as a healthy diet!

    • I think people need to find a healthy balance in life. I think we all suffer slightly from all or nothing attitudes. It take effort initially to change a lifestyle but eventually it becomes a habit. But that takes time. And lots of support. Our society lacks the support and care for others.

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