What I Really Meant When I Said My Mom Works A Lot

When I was about 6 I wrote a story in school titled My Mom Works A Lot. We still laugh about it to this day, but in all seriousness my mom probably felt so bad when I wrote that. But my mom (and my dad) did and still do work a lot. I went to childcare beginning at a very young age, I was normally the first of the children dropped off and one of the last to be picked up. When holidays happened I was at daycare (except Christmas day of course and a few other special ones). My parents couldn’t come to the school parties and I was not taken home early from school on those day like a lot of other children. My parents worked a lot. The story didn’t lie. But I wasn’t trying to hurt my mom when I wrote the tale, I was simply stating a fact.

So let me revise this tale in a few short statements.

My mom works a lot. Because of her I know what hard work can lead to in life. Because my mom worked a lot I was able to become a very self-sufficient child, and can take care of myself. Because my mom worked a lot I looked up to her and her ability to work and still be there for me in all ways whenever I needed her. But most importantly, because my mom worked a lot I learned early to value and savor every minute I have with her. 

What inspired such a post? My mom took off of work for the whole week until today. I got to spend two wonderful days with her and her alone (well there were a few doctor’s appointments in there, which she took me too thank goodness, and I had a date with this girl in the afternoon one day). We relaxed together watching daytime television shows like The View, The Doctors, and Doctor Oz. We ranted about all of the new crash diets that are being featured. I baked and cooked for her birthday. We had time for me to really open up to her about a few of my feelings lately that I have been hiding. Basically we had an amazing couple of days!

My professor's famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

My professor’s famous chocolate chip angel food cake. Mom said it was the best she has ever tasted!

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor's appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter :D

Mom took me to Whole Foods after my doctor’s appointment! A few of my finds: new GRAINS, Larabars for my trip coming up, and new nut butter 😀

I cherish the time I get with both of my parents because we are such a go go go type of family. So when we can sit down on the couch or in bed and laugh at whatever sitcom is on (AKA Big Bang Theory!) then it makes for a pretty awesome evening! So both my parents are back at work today, and I am in the house with my dog and cat who thinks he is a dog. I have another doctor appointment and a few tasks I need to get done. But other than that I am looking forward to when my mom walks in the door from work and we can head to loser night at the YMCA (AKA Friday night = the dead night).

Happy Friday Everyone! What are your plans for the day?



16 thoughts on “What I Really Meant When I Said My Mom Works A Lot

  1. Wow, love…this actually makes me think of a bunch of kids I have in my preschool class right now. Most of them come before 7:30/8 and leave after 6, which always made me feel bad for them, but if I look at it in this way, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. You have given me much to think about anyway when I look at them, and I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you were able to grow in so many ways from that experience. I think a lot has to do with the quality of family time you have outside of childcare, too, and it sounds like yours was very special 🙂 And that cake looks phenomenal!! Ahhhhhhh want a piece now!!

    • I thought of you when I wrote this thinking you might have a few kids like me. Don’t feel bad for them unless you suspect the lifestyle effects their growth and development. Everyone requires different levels of care. For me, childcare taught me a lot and allowed me to make some of my dearest friends. Especially because I have no siblings, that is where I learned to play!

  2. I can relate to this a lot. both my parents worked full time since I was a baby. i had a babysitter since very young. however, now a days when we are home my mom will do the same thing – take a few days off to be with us. I love it and never regret her working that much. she did it so we could all have a better life

  3. I love this. You know about w-here I live, but my parents both work on Oceana and Little Creek so with 8 hour work days-it can be an hour both way commute so they are always working too. Your parents obviously raised you so well as you are so successful at such a young age! So many of our peers don’t know the meaning of work so it is always refreshing to find those who do!

    • My parents are the same with the commute and the long work days. Your parents have done a great job with you girl! It is our parents that help us grow in to the people we want to be. Without their examples I do not believe I would be as hardworking and dedicated as I am today

  4. “So both my parents are back at work today, and I am in the house with my dog and cat who thinks he is a dog” made me LOL. But in all seriousness, I’m the same exact way. My parents worked a ton growing up and my mom actually is home a lot more now that we’re older, simply because she’s been at her job for so many years that she makes her own schedule. But I spent most of my life in daycare and hated every moment of it, used to wish my mom was like other moms and was home more often, and looked forward to nothing more than those days when she was on vacation. Now, I see how hard she worked, how it all paid off in the end. I love this idea for a post, for recognizing your mom’s hard work (with cake;) ). Too bad I’ll have to wait until October to celebrate my mom’s birthday on my own page.

    • It is true my cat rules the house and comes down for breakfast and dinner like a dog 😀 I always envied the kids with stay at home moms, you know the room moms in elementary school! But now I see the grass always looks greener on the other side but that doesn’t mean it actually is. O you don’t have to wait until October. Any day is a great day to celebrate your mom! Plus Mother’s Day is in May 😉

  5. You’re a doll and so touching! I was thankful that my momma was home with my brother and I growing up but my BFF [since kindergarten] was the daughter of two doctors so she was in a similar situation as you with both of her parents always working. We talk about this all the time, I couldn’t imagine working while my kids are at home and she couldn’t imagine not working… To each his own! What matters is that you cherish the time you have with your family and they do the same with you!

    • Thank you for bringing this up! I really do believe that every family is different and there is no one way of raising healthy, happy, and smart kids! I am like your friend, but I know so many who cannot imagine working with kids!

  6. Love this! My dad was the same way – he worked so much. But it showed me how far hard work can go. He was able to climb the corporate ladder, provide for the family, and retire by 57 – it’s inspirational for sure!
    I’m glad you were able to have some mom-daughter time…I’m getting some of that next weekend when I go home!

    • Thanks! My mom has certainly been successful and I cannot wait for the day she retires because it means I get to throw her a party to celebrate her success! She will hate it and love it at the same time! Enjoy your mother-daughter time next weekend!

  7. I seriously love reading about the amazing relationship you and your mom have. I know waaay too many people who simply don’t appreciate their mothers (and fathers!) and I wish they would realize just how much good a healthy parent-child relationship is. My parents also work a lot, especially my dad, and while it sucked a lot when I was younger I understood that they were working hard in order to give my sister and I a good life filled with opportunity. I just hope I could repay the favor one day in the future and pamper my parents 🙂

  8. It’s SO true, when you’re brought up not seeing your parents very often, you really learn to cherish the time you spent with them! My dad is/was like that – he works 8 hour days like usual, but his job as an archaeologist required him to travel a ton. He’d be home maybe two weeks out of every month, and when he was, it was a BIG DEAL. I love this post though, actually, it’s really reassuring – my mom was a stay-at-home mom, and so I’ve always thought that that was the only way to be a “good” mom. I used to be kind of resigned to just never having kids because I could never ever do that – give up my career for my kids – but the way you describe your mom, obviously that’s not the case!! So, huge relief that we can do both – be awesome moms and awesome (insert career here)! Anyway, I’m so glad you got to spend time with your mom over the break – pretty much nothing beats mom-time 🙂

    • I’m glad you got that from this Kate! I too could never shine not working but I know that it is ok. Work never took my mom away from me she was still devoted to me and always knew what was going on in my life. Even in my recovery she was still able to do both and you and I both know how much time recovery can take up! Actually my TA here at tech has two kids and works a ton in the classroom and in the lab and she is a awesome mom! There are tons of working mothers out there and there are tons of stay at home moms and each has tr opportunity to raise a happy and healthy family!

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