I might be gone…

I am back to life. No more regular posts from me. But won’t that make my posts more fun! I have to say my vacation went out with a bang though!


I had the opportunity to meet one of the most awesome bloggers out there in cyber world! Hollie is seriously even better in person and I didn’t think that was possible. I have to say meeting someone who you have been reading about and communicating with on the web makes everything so much more real! Now when I read her posts I can imagine her saying things, and I know how to read the posts better. Does that make sense? Anyway she is real I have a picture to prove it.

Our breakfast is best recapped in her post. So I will let her do the honors with that. But I did try poached eggs for the first time. Where have I been those are awesome! O and anyone who reads Hollie’s blogs knows she can put down the coffee. I probably had one too many cups, I had to drink water all day to make the effects wear off lol.

ThenΒ  got to watch my Hokies beat the Hoo’s of Whoville (UVA). So I celebrated by making maroon and orange muffins.

I had pomegranate seeds and a can of pumpkin to use up. This is the first batch of muffins I have made without directly following a recipe! I made these for my parents and have been told since getting back to Tech that they approve. Roomie is going to try one too and she is the best food critic so I will let ya know!


Back to Hokieville I go. I asked my mom if saying goodbye ever gets easier. She unfortunately said no. I cry every time I say goodbye to my parents. I love them and I am their little girl. I am very attached, and I wonder if that is a bad thing sometimes. But after a sweet email from my mom, a 5 hour drive to help me get in the Hokie spirit, and reuniting with my roommate I can say that yes I was sad to leave, but I love the home Tech has become and I know that wherever I go next, my parents love me and want me to be happy, which means moving, growing up, and making a life of my own.

When I got back I had a surprise for my Christmas loving roommate!

Kailey LOVES Christmas. Like it’s a tad ridiculous… But her love seems to have spread to me. In my house we never decorate until the week before Christmas and all decorations must be down before my mom’s birthday (Jan 3). I have a feeling the twin hokie household will remain festive for much longer!

As the title states, you wont be reading me as often. Hollie gave me a great tip of writing posts on the weekends, and I am going to try to write at least 2 next weekend. But I have projects, tests, work, and a TA position and I want to spend time with my friends before Christmas break. I love the blog world, but it doesn’t come first. So I will see you when I see you! Be prepared though when I post they will be worth it! (I hope!)


13 thoughts on “I might be gone…

  1. Ah girl, no shame in those tears at all! I’m the same way! I was in tears yesterday, too…hate saying goodbye to people I love. I’m glad that you came back to such a fun surprise and evening with your roomie πŸ™‚ Good luck with the next few weeks!! Almost there and then a nice break right?

  2. I hope this semester ends well for you. I am glad you found time to be enjoyable at home and really got to take full advantage of it. i am the same way about meeting bloggers, just hearing their voice and their mannerisms makes reading their blogs so cool!

  3. Aww I feel your pain! I’m a total homebody and am very attached to my parents. The rougher my life is at the moment, the harder I cling on. We should just be glad that our parents welcome us with open arms πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you on the rest of the semester! I’m sure you will rock it and end with a bang πŸ™‚

  4. I’m the same way. I hate leaving my family…I left for a solid week and a half nd I’m still sad. LOL. I had such a great time at breakfast and I can’t wait until second breakfast! Good luck in your final weeks, hopefully not too stressful! Hopefully the waitor doesn’t find you in western VA…you never know with him….

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