What’s in a name?

My roommate and I have this enormous pet peeve… Proper name calling is a rule in our house.

What you call something can really paint a picture in the head of what that thing is supposed to look like, taste like, and be.

Krispy Kreme muffins… You have me asking then why does my breakfast taste like a cupcake?

Pancakes (no eggs!!!)… Hmmm they sure do look like crepes did I make them wrong?

Avocado Butter… why does my butter taste like the guacamole I had last night!?!

Just a mini rant on our part, but seriously people can we please stick to calling things what they actually are?

Some muffins are legit muffins but calling some sugary baked thing that may look like a muffin breakfast doesn’t make it a muffin… A cupcake is a cupcake whether you eat it in the morning, afternoon, or at night. I you want a cupcake for breakfast go ahead and have one! But you might be hungry sooner than your normal lunch time so bring a snack 😉

Pancakes are fluffy, crepes are not. Both are really good but when I went into it thinking I was making fluffy pancakes and got crepes, I will be extremely disappointed with my breakfast not going to lie.

I love Avocado, I spread it, eat it sliced, and intend to bake it with egg very soon. But I also love butter, and when I want a buttered roll I am not thinking of a guacamoled roll. Both creamy and delicious but in my book an avocado spread is guac and butter should always come from a cow (or goat or something else that gives milk) not the ground.

O.K. I am done. Have a great day! And thanks for enduring my rambling rant 😉


10 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. This is an excellent post. Confession one: I cannot say the word specific. I literally cannot pronounce it at all. Some of the crap that bloggers make/eat, I’m just like what…no that is normal peanut butter. Or what…that isn’t a pancake. But mostly…what you use 1/4 cup of flour and are full for 5 hours pancake? No.

    Anyways-I totally understand.

    • Haha there are so many things Kailey can’t say and I love her for it. It makes conversations that much more interesting! Haha love the full for 5 hours off 1/4 cup… Yeah not so much sorry!

  2. WORD!

    Im sorry but when did a combination of a banana and egg whites become a pancake!!? I’m sorry but there is no flour = NO PANCAKE!!!!! Nope, sorry it just isn’t. I don’t care if you like that, but just don’t call it a pancake!!
    end rant.

    PS – Your comment this morning was touching 🙂 So blessed to have ya girl.

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