Streesy Sweet Potato

There is something comforting in knowing I have a “go to”

In recovery from my eating disorder I had many security blankets. Making food preparation important, measuring everything with a scale or a measuring cup, writing down everything I ate, blacking out calories on boxes, covering up mirrors… You get the picture.  But with time I was able to release a lot of these things and set them aside, either because I was just so sick of them or because I knew they had to go in order for my life to proceed. But something I have always gone back to in times of stress is my need for routine and my “go to” meals.

Routine keeps me sane sometimes. Take these next couple of weeks for example, I have a lot of exams coming up the week of Halloween (how is that for scary!) and the second week of November. That means late nights of studying and early mornings of bike riding in order to absorb all of the information. O and a large amount of flashcards! It also means I have no time to be stressing over food or pushing my eating disorder thoughts out every day. It means I need to go back to routine to keep that pesky anorexia out of my life for good so that it does not sneak up on me like it has done in the past. The more I am aware of the potential for triggers and invasion during times of high stress, the stronger and more independent of the illness I am able to be.

I have a “go to” meal. I get home late (8ish) most nights and I have yet to really start any work on days like Mondays and Tuesdays (or yesterday because we had our class ring premier!!!) because I work. Let me tell you there is nothing more frustrating than trying to help someone learn material and all they want is for you to do their homework for them. Add to that that you would ideally like to be working on learning your own material and studying for those couple of hours and you have a recipe for stress.

My Times of Stress Good Luck Exam Meal!

Microwaved Sweet Potato (from the farmer’s market last weekend!) with Trader Joe’s Raw Crunchy Almond Butter, Cinnamon, and Ricotta Cheese

Nothing extravagant, but then it wouldn’t be a very good easy go to meal would it? But it is packed with nutrients! I even added ricotta this time, which took it to a whole new level! Don’t be surprised if I tweet about adding maple syrup or honey to this combo in the near future because the idea is stirring in my head, and like I said I have a lot of exams in the near future.

By the way the reason this is “lucky” is because I am an extremely superstitious person. Last year before every Anatomy exam I have a bagel with nut butter and an apple. This year I have decided that a sweet potato dinner in necessary for the night before metabolic! Ideally a sweet potato in a far with either ricotta (because I am obsessed now!) or with Fage yogurt and flax. I tworked last exam (100 baby!) so I am sticking with this brain food 😉

I normally have my sweet potatoes with a delicious slightly still unripe banana. It is perfect for dipping into the side of almond butter (or other nut butter) I have set aside that was not used on the potato. But this week I had no time to even stop by the store that is literally 1 minute from my apartment to pick one up. So I chopped up a sweet yellow bell pepper, washed a couple grape tomatoes, and threw them in an ice cream bowl!

Yellow Bell Pepper with Grape Tomatoes… In an Ice Cream Bowl (which is the only reason I even took a picture)

Maybe kids would be more inclined to eat their veggies if they were in a pink ice cream bowl? Then again maybe I am just weird, but I swear the veggies tasted better from this bowl and I love these two veggies to begin with!

Do you have any go to meals?

How do you handle yourself in times of stress? Do you go back to routine and comfort?


9 thoughts on “Streesy Sweet Potato

  1. my schedule is so similar, i am still trying to find a way to get meals made more quickly or at least ready when i get home … a sweet potato would not be enough for me honestly, it looks good but I would need much more!

  2. Oh the crazy life of dietetic majors…
    Personally, I think your sweet potato meal looks epic. Then again, anything with nut butters is pretty awesome 😉

    Go to meals
    Sweet Eggs + Bunny Grahams or Burrito & Baked Potato with the works…then again you know that haha

  3. Haha I love that picture/quote! It’s a crazy cycle 🙂 I definitely go back to routine and comfort during stressful times. When I was in school and things got hectic, I tended to lean towards the same quick and filling meals with a side of tea, of course!

    When I travel I eat a sweet potato at least once a week for dinner. It’s so versatile, tasty, and filling! Not to mention very comforting. I like adding coconut and apple sauce as toppings.

    Good luck with school and don’t stress out too much!

    • I am just getting into Pinterest! I love that it has something for every idea in my head 😀 What a coincidence, totally had tea with my dinner last night 😉 I do love all of the different combos you can do with sweet potatoes! I have never tried coconut and applesauce but you best best I will now! Thanks girl! I won’t I actually have a fun weekend NEXT weekend which is why I am stressing now. Get ahead instead of behind!

  4. I can totally relate to the stresses of being in college! I am right there with ya for sure. I try and make up at least one big meal over the weekend so I can have leftovers during the week if I’m too busy to actually make a meal. It works for me!

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