Never Say Never

How many times were we told this as young children growing up?

And yet I bet everyone out there said “I will never…” and still says it today. I am completely guilty of this. It’s bad, I have a total all-or-nothing personality so its one way or the other there is just no in between for me. (p.s. I almost said there is never an in between! told you I was guilty). But it is something I try to be conscious about, and I am continually reminded lately of how never just isn’t realistic! Things change, you grow, and that thing you said you would never do/like becomes a new favorite.

There was a time…

“I will never eat spinach!”

Yeah I was 3 and in daycare and spinach just looked so awful. Now? my favorite topping on pizza is a big heaping portion of spinach. Don’t skimp on me with my spinach!

“I will never eat plain yogurt”

Now I eat it by the tub!

Actually there was a time I wouldn’t even eat Greek yogurt and now? I crave the taste of plain thick Fage yogurt. I am sad it is getting cold because it sure makes eating my yogurt breakfast a little hard… I might have to start wearing gloves so I can enjoy without shivering nonstop!

“I will never take chemistry in college”

Wow did this change… I LOVE chemistry and all science classes. It is my passion. I still love English and all of the liberal arts, but if you take science away from me I might cry

“I will never stop writing down what I eat”

This was said during recovery. Then one day I just got so sick of planning it all out, seeing it on the page, having to follow it word for word. And the food journal was put away and then it was tossed. Over 100 pages of my days of eating, gone! and never seen again. Now I am not going to say I will never write down my meals again because that would be contradicting this post wouldn’t it? Actually because of my major I will indeed write down my eats again, but it will be in the name of health and a good grade!

“I will never not use my food scale”

This ended a few months after the food journal. Suddenly I was sick of weighing everything too. It was inconvenient, tiresome, and annoying. Let me tell you measuring out a serving of cereal or the perfect grams of bagel in the mornings takes a long time and you are running late a lot. Now I do still use it for somethings, it is a coping tool, something to fall back on when things get stressy but it in no way makes a daily appearance!

“I will never like coffee”

This is what really spurred the idea for this post yall. For my entire life I have literally gagged upon taking a sip of coffee. I wanted to like it every time because so many do, and my dad LOVES his daily cup of Joe. But something about it just didn’t sit with me. Well last Friday my roomie gave me a sip of hers with a little creamer in it and it wasn’t awful. So I tried a whole cup, and another, and now another. And I not only don’t hate it, I am developing a like for it! Taste buds change folks and mine sure have. Now my body just needs to adjust to this… Small stomach aches from the coffee (but only small ones, not enough to stop me from going about my day and trying another cup some other day).

The point?

Be careful when you say never! You just never know what could happen. Things change and people change daily. What works for you one day may not work for you the next. I used to measure the milk I put in my tea and then one day I didn’t. I used to only eat egg beaters, now I need real eggs in my fridge! I used to workout everyday and now I see that life is so much more than that time on a machine. Life is meant to have a few curve balls, a few changes. So never say never! You just don’t know what is around that next turn!


5 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. I am so proud of you for giving up the food journaling and weighing. I think getting wrapped up in that would only have brought you down. food is meant to be eaten not weighed! Iwould have never have thought I would be a runner… I started late high school and before that I was not an athlete at all!

    • Yes is was a needed recovery tool, but it was for that and now I feel confident in my ability to eat without all of that! I still don’t think I will be a runner! My body is just too broken down from dancing!

  2. I never ever thought I would like coffee, either! Now, I look forward to my daily cup of coffee. And chem/all sciences…I’m with you on that one – I hated physics in high school but fell in love with it (and chem) in college. It’s wonderful that you gave up food journaling. It must be so liberating!

    • Crazy things happen when we stop saying never! I love not food journaling! and I hate those assignments in school because it reminds me of the bad times. I like how I am now, it’s not that I do not know what I eat, but writing it down is such a waste of my valuable learning time!

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