Sunshine :D

Thanks Irina @ ChocolateTeaTime for this nomination. I love filling these out not only do they reveal a little more about me to my readers but they also reveal things to myself because for some of these questions I really have to think.

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Who is your favorite philosopher?
So this is going to sound bad but let me go look up philosophers… No I won’t lie I don’t have one. I will say Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter and move on to the next question.

What is your favorite Number?
3. I love things to be 3, have 3 in the number (i.e. 13, 33, 63, 93… you get the point) I have no clue why but for a long time I have always had a fascination with this number. I take it as a good thing though because God reveals things in threes as well.

What is your favorite animal?
MANATEES!!! I have loved them since my mom bought me my stuffed manatee in 3rd grade. We almost lost him in a hotel once… He is afraid of hotels now.

I am not ashamed that he comes to college with me.


What are your facebook and twitter?

Twitter I barely ever tweet but you should follow me anyway!

What is your favorite time of day?
It honestly depends on the day. Sundays = walking out of church feeling God working in my life. Saturday = waking up, stretching, walking through peaceful hokieville to the farmer’s market. School week = my time learning/drilling some metabolic flashcards.

What was your favorite vacation?
EUROPE! My dad took me this past summer. It was a trip of a life time. Words cannot describe it in enough detail, although I tried quite a few different times here

What is your favorite physical activity?
It depends. do I have notes to study? a book for a class to read? a new TV show to watch? then give me my stationary bike any morning or afternoon. But if I just want to think? I am going to sit down and stretch and then crunch to my abs content

What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Chocolate tea by Numi omgsh the first time I had this it was heaven in a mug. And now I have to stalk up every time I go to Wegmans (or my mom goes to Wegmans) They don’t carry it in any store near me (unless you count for $10 at the health food store which I don’t unless it is an emergency)

What is your favorite flower?
I do not know. But I do love the edible arrangements I get for my birthday! or any flowers my mommy gets me

What is your passion?
This was really hard for me yall. Because all of my life that answer was dance until it suddenly wasn’t anymore. And then my answer became eating disorder recovery. And now I am still SO passionate about that, but it absolutely cannot be my whole life anymore. My passion is school and learning about the chemistry and biology of our bodies. Teaching it to others. And continually learning more every day. Yall I love my school work, I take pleasure in the stress of studying and knowing all of the little details. I am that girl in class who knows the answers obnoxiously, but I LOVE it. 

Alrighty! Done! Time to Nominate a few people!

Christina @ A Well Rounded Intern

Kailey/Twin @ caffeinated runner

Alex @ The Run Within

and I know I need a few more, but honestly since school has started I have not been commenting a ton on blogs so for anyone else if you want to do this have at it!

P.S. Happy 30th wedding anniversary to by wonderful parents! Thank you for finding each other and getting together because without that I would not be here and I without you both I would not be the girl I am today.



6 thoughts on “Sunshine :D

    • Thanks lovely! That would be one of the best coffee dates ever, especially since I recently don’t hate coffee anymore… lol!

  1. Yay I’m so glad you completed this quiz, I loved learning more about you!! I respect your passion for school so much – I totally get it because I’m the same way! A great education is priceless. I also MUST try that NUMI chocolate tea (chocolatea! haha I’m lame). Hunting it down this weekend for sure!

    Happy anniversary to your parents!!!

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