You Need to Bend

Hello 😀

I have a relatively simple idea in my head. It has been churning since last week so I think it is time to get it out. I am of the belief that ideas left in your head, no matter what, lead to no good. Now that doesn’t mean bad things come out of them all of the time. Sometimes it just means you are hiding your brilliancy with the rest of the world (NOT COOL!), but sometimes it means those thoughts are churning, churning, churning, which leads to a great deal of tension in life.

First, a couple highlights from this week:

  1. School is officially stressful. I am up to my hairline with work, and entirely too much reading. I am OK with the work and studying. I actually enjoy it. It is the reading I am having trouble with. With exception of my Science of Food text book and parts of my abnormal book I just do not take in information via the written word. So although readings are assigned I think I may study my way. It has never let me down before. I am also going to ask other classmates who have taken the classes what they suggest. They did pass the class and get internships for a reason right!?!
  2. I went to the first home football game this week. I MISSED HOKIE FOOTBALL SO MUCH! We won. The game was stressful, but we won.
  3. I started tutoring officially this week. I am going to love this job. I love teaching material I enjoy and seeing other people grasp it too. I also love when no one shows. I get paid for sitting in my little cubby and studying (can you say win win!!!)
  4. My dad comes today for the football game Saturday. We are going to have a blast. He is staying at the apartment of course, and he is going to enjoy time with me in beautiful Blacksburg! Plus I need to stock up on stable and freezable foods. Now that I am living here I realize I do not have what I need to stay on a budget.
  5. And finally, I had my first quiz in Metabolic Wednesday. ACED IT! 😀 I am a nerd when it comes to school. A perfectionist that needs to realize that perfect grades aren’t possible. but when you know the material, you know the material! That has been happening a few of my classes actually. Last year I never spoke up when I knew the answer. Now, you best bet I am going to answer and look like a total Hermione Granger in class.

OK. Now for the meat of this post:

I have been running into the issue lately with lots of people being stuck in their habits. We are growing up, in college, and adapting to a new life on our own. Take living in an apartment this year: you have to make compromises because you can’t live the same way you do at your parents home. When you are married, you and your significant other will have different habits, viewpoints, and needs (some of these needs will be shared, like the need to compromise and save money in the form of water, electricity, and warming or cooling the house). You have to bend. you can’t keep doing the things you did when you were living with your parents. This is a new house, a new point in your life, and a new place. Literally everything is essentially new! So you have to bend. It might feel uncomfortable for awhile, but so did that old habit you have when you first started to do it.

You have to bend. That means when working with a group (which I have a lot of this semester) you have to work with everyone’s busy schedules. It is not easy. For me that might mean changing up my studying time, or my meal time, or it might mean not working out that day. Each group member has to compromise to find a time and place and strategy that will result in your group successfully (Read: get an A) completing the assignment.

Plans change. That means just because you were planning on “blah, blah, blah” to happen doesn’t mean it will. Things happen. Circumstances change. Remember that is why pencils have erasers. So that we can erase and insert new plans into our planners. (or whiteout for you pen lovers)

So I encourage each of you to evaluate life a little bit.

Are you stuck in your ways? Is this making things easier for you in a new place? Yes old habits bring comfort. But comfort doesn’t lead to adventure and discovery of new things to fill up your life. Make compromises and get out of your comfort zone. Because I promise you there is going to be a time when that old habit HAS to change. Whether it be for money reasons, your grade, or something else.

We as a population have to compromise. Change has to happen in order for progress to occur.


6 thoughts on “You Need to Bend

  1. The biggest and most important thing I learned in college by far was to forgive myself. I’ve been a perfectionist my entire life, but come college it was much tougher to get straight As and excel above others. It took me over 2 years to learn self forgiveness after not-so-pretty grades as well as other things in life. College is a huge learning experience so enjoy every moment 🙂

  2. I get stuck in my ways far too often, something I am definitely aware of and am continuously working on. At one point though, you really do have to grow some and just DO IT, make those changes, bend 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!
    Also, good job on that test!

    • I think we all get stuck in our ways. It is actually normal! I think the important thing is that we take steps every once in awhile to try something new. That is how we found our old ways right? Growing up is hard, but whether we are ready or not it happens might as well help it a little!

      Thanks! I love the class!

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