Too Much Time Management?

Clocks, Schedules, Planners…

Those things keep me sane. I like to wake up to an alarm because then I am assured at night that I will wake up with enough time to work out, or enough time to get ready, or enough time to eat a peaceful, comfortable breakfast. I like to have a schedule, that I keep in a planner by the time of each event, so that I know what I am doing each day, and to assure that I don’t have a single minute in which I am bored.

A few examples of my dependence…

  1. I eat my meals by the clock. Now I have gone into this before when I was talking about listening to my hunger. That is not exactly the point on this one. I have been instructed by my therapist to go back to an eating schedule, especially when I am stressed. I am in a new place and adjusting to my new schedule so eating by the clock is the smart thing to do to make sure I eat healthy foods that I enjoy. But sometimes (like in the summer or on the weekends when I have no plans) I am doing something on my to do list and I feel actual hunger. But do I eat? If it is the right time, yes I do. But if I have an hour until my normal time I usually wait. But that isn’t really the problem either, I would one day like to just get up and eat then but right now if my therapist says it is OK to wait then I am going to keep rolling with it. The real problem is when I go out with people and we have a day planned (beach, movies, sporting event…) and they get hungry and I am either not hungry or it is not time. I get uncomfortable and unsure about how I should eat. Should I wait? If I wait will there be an opportunity to eat again later?
  2. When plans change spur of the moment I am not calm. Oh I may appear calm on the outside, but inside I am saying ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I know most of the time those spur of the moment changes make for the best times. My freaking doesn’t stop me from enjoying the time or learning from my freak out. I am just saying I freak out a little when plans change.
  3. Finally, I live by the clock. I don’t think there is an hour in the day (except when I am sleeping soundly) that I don’t look at the clock. Now this is good in the sense that I am always on time. But it sure does make some tasks feel a lot longer. All of my experiences working or volunteering, for example, I remember looking at the clock and thinking towards the end. This sort of goes with Alex’s post the other day. I can never just live each hour in the present. I am always thinking to my next task. Never happy right where I am.
  4. Oh and one more thing (I know the # above says finally, sue me) I am really bad at wasting time. You may be thinking well duh. But really I am. I cannot just sit and twittle my thumbs. I bought things for my fun time I promised my therapist I would have 20 minutes of from now on. But when I have work to do I can’t help but think about how much time I am wasting.

Time is super important don’t get me wrong. College students struggle a ton with developing good time management skills. I am not one of those students in the sense of my studies. I am the opposite of most college students. Most think about the fun they want to have and fit in their homework around that time. I think about the work (homework, studying, cleaning, shopping) I need to do and then how everything else (time with friends, time by myself doing something like playing the Sims or coloring) fits into that. If school doesn’t fit in with that party that he/she really wants to go to the student will sometimes blow off school to another night even if it means cramming multiple subjects. Not me. If it doesn’t fit with my making the grade, I normally don’t do it. Don’t worry, I am working on changing this mindset. My goal this year is to find new things I enjoy outside of the classroom. Because I really do enjoy my time in class and my time studying. And the pay off is so rewarding. But the consequence is that I have like no social life, and I need one of those if I am going to have a happy life outside of academics. I won’t be in school forever you know!

So I am going to work on not looking at the clock constantly. Try going with the flow a little bit. Because let’s face it, if that fun adventure is when I was planning on studying I would normally say no. But I am always studying so I should go do that fun thing with people and then finish studying later. I have never been one to not finish my work and complete it with 100% effort so a little branching out won’t change that either. It just might change the when in when I do my homework or the when in the when I plan to go to bed.

So while most college student struggle with finding time to this:

I am going to to work on finding a little bit of this in my life:

Notice the misspelling of “time” It is intentional.

It all comes back to balance folks!


8 thoughts on “Too Much Time Management?

  1. I can relate to every word you just wrote. I am the time management queen and I hate it on one side and love it on the other. Yes, I get my shit done. I don’t procrastinate, I keep to a schedule… but then I wonder what am I missing. I can’t stand spontaneity but that kind of sucks. Last minute plans demolish me and totally shake me up. Luckily eating is something I have learned to not schedule, for me that made me too rigid in recovery. Now hunger and cues are my schedule. But still, my goal this year is to relax a bit more about life in general. So broad but so needed.

    • I am envious of your freedom with eating and a schedule. I am really bad with that. Always worried and always looking at the clock through a meal. I am trying to relax this year too. Slow progress has been made

  2. You are not only the queen of getting your work done but the queen of mastering the information too but I don’t think that will change one bit if you add some fun in your life aka pool time 😉

    I agree that we won’t be in school forever and why waste these young care-free years with our heads in the books 24/7.

  3. I’m a slave to time as well, especially while at work. It’s so odd because I always complain about how quickly time passes but day to day I am always thinking ahead to some hour (lunch, end of the work day, sleep, etc.). It also took me a while to abandon an eating schedule and just go with my body’s signals, even if that means my meals are more like constant snacks.

    P.S. – I laughed so hard at the first photo HA!

    • I am glad to hear I am not the only one always looking at the clock at work and other tasks. I can’t wait for the day that I listen to my bodies cues and eat when it says to. Thanks! I loved the picture and it is so true in so many ways!

  4. I really need to get better at managing my time. I try to keep things organized but somehow my mind wanders and then I waste time. Thank you for writing this, I really connected to this. I try to eat when my body tells me too but I remember when I was working two jobs and a full time student the only way I was able to eat healthy and a planned meal was on a clock. You can always try eating something light like a soup so your body is not overwhelmed but you can get a healthy, veggie filled meal! Love and Shine CourtStar

    • Thank you! I think we all struggle with time management in some way or another. I wish I could become a tad more comfortable wasting time! I think being a student right now and working as a tutor and TA that timed meals are ideal for me. Next time on vacation I may try to take a break from the clock though! Thanks for such a sweet comment!

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