Kidding, and I am sorry for the corniness… But someone other than me laughed right? K.I.S.S is an acronym that I am a tad confused on because everyone these days says it stands for Keep It Simple Silly but when i was in 4th grade my teacher thought she made up that acronym! She wanted her dance to be simple so that the audience would get it (unlike the year before) So K.I.S.S will always be Keep It Simple Stupid for me 😀

I am applying this to my meals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Simple, yet so delicious! I needed to keep things simple because these past few days were my last volunteering at the hospital. Sad yet sweet because it means a small break before school starts back up.

Done with my last day. See you in the winter Chesapeake Regional!

I have developed a LOVE for roasted Brussels Sprouts this summer. I have never been able to eat more than a few at a time before, but now I go through withdraw without them in my life. So when Dad decided to let me get tuna steaks for the first time and grill them up for me (What an awesome Daddy I have!)I knew exactly what I had to have with my serving! All of the sprouts in the fridge! Because I was leaving on vacation the next day and it would be a crime to leave them to go bad (no one else would have touched them).

Tuna Steak + roasted Brussels Sprouts and tomato and quinoa + goat cheese on top

Nom nom nom nom! Tuna grilled is AMAZING! and I went to bed with not only a happy tummy, but a certain excitement for the fact that I had enough left over for lunch the next day! woot woot! But I  wanted more of my sprouty friends and like I said they were gone with my dinner. So on the way home from my last day volunteering I had to stop at the store and get just enough for my lunch. Good idea. And it led to a very delicious lunch before packing up for my trip.

My Salad. Steamed broccoli, sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce of some sort with tuna and balsamic vinegar + olive oil and Parmesan cheese for topping it off.

A great last meal at home for a couple of days. Now I am in Buffalo, NY enjoying my time with my little cousin who is not so little anymore. We are shopping and she is driving. We are getting her ready for her Freshman year of college (Ah when did she grow up!) and I am having a blast! The icing on the cake is that Wegmans is just a hop skip and a jump (OK really it is half a small block) from my grandma’s house so I get to go multiple times a day. We all have our happy places. Wegmans is mine.

Tell me do you like complicated meals or simple yet delicious? I like fancy schmancy when I have the time, I won’t lie.

Do you like Tuna?

Where is your happy place? Wegmans!!!



4 thoughts on “K.I.S.S

  1. simple meals are sometimes the best! I’m all about a simple turkey or roast beef sandwich at lunch. admittedly I’m not a fan of tuna steaks, but brussel sprouts…nom nom nom they’re my FAVE! Glad you’re having fun with the fam and have WEGMAN’S near you! I need to get my fill of Wegman’s before I leave gah!

  2. Love me some brussels sprouts!! Really need to try tuna steaks now that you say they are good and aren’t that pinky color.
    I hate the fact that you go to Wegmans daily 😉

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