O the Cravings

And how they change and evolve. There are two points to this quickie of a post.

  1. I used to have an apple every morning… No ifs, ands, or buts
  2. Sharing a craving I had today.

First the apple tale. I always have an apple in the morning after my main breakfast food (yogurt, eggs, sweet potato). And I alternate every other day- red, green, red, green. And I like my apples as big as my face. And lately breakfast has been leaving me extremely uncomfortable. My solution? Experiment. With what I am having. I have had eggs, different combinations in my yogurt, new cereals, ect. But I never changed my apple until last week… Last week I chose to not have my apple in the morning! And my day went on. I was not uncomfortable doing my morning errands. Fiber belly no more! And? I still had my apple a day later in the day!!! Yay for compromise! As my mom put it “it’s probably good to not have so many rules.” So since last week have I had no apples in the morning? NO some mornings I have my apple. When I feel like my body still wants it! and other days I try really hard to listen to my tummy and decide to keep my apple for another meal when I will actually enjoy it! This has not been easy believe it or not. But it is a work in progress!

So on to today. This morning I woke up just knowing my tummy was not going to like an apple for breakfast.  It doesn’t like the acid when i have to eat it a little faster than my normal slow (as molasses) pace. So I was at first at a loss for what to have for breakfast. Yogurt with berries, peanut butter, flax, and banana? nope. Egg pizza? nope again… Sweet potato with peanut butter and cinnamon with a banana??? OMG YES! No apple needed. Which means that after I got home from my 4 hour shift at the hospital I had time for an apple with my mid-day meal! and I wanted it. But I was also craving something that has been in my fridge begging me to eat it! SMOKED SALMON! But I wasn’t craving an english muffin with cream cheese… but I still wanted the cream cheese… How do I have my smoked salmon???

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Peppers!

OMG craving more than satisfied! This pairs so well! and the fresh tomato was a nice addition (we have a lot from our garden right now) plus carrots and apples = my two favorite produce items (well raw produce items at least). If you get a chance try this! 

I hope you had something epic and yummy in your tummy today too!


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