Practicing with a Success

I have always had a silent loud hatred for practicing. It is not that I do not believe that practice makes perfect, I really do… I just never wanted to practice. You can ask my mother… the only time I practiced was at rehearsals and sometimes (very rarely) in my “dance room” downstairs. (quotes because it was a dance room and then my mom realized I would never practice even with my own ballet barre so she bought a couch for the room). Anyway I never felt the need to practice because honestly I basically lived at my dance studio and spent more time dancing than anything else anyways.

And dance has always come pretty naturally to me, so I never had to practice. But when things that don’t come naturally to me pop up I will admit I am in deep water… I have no idea how to handle something I have never done so I naturally run away.

Well portion control does not come naturally to me. I will be the first to admit that I have a case of America’s jumbo size everything fever. I have had this problem since I began eating real food again and liking it. I suddenly looked down on any food that looked puny on my plate. Example? I always pick out the biggest sweet potatoes, apples the size of your face, and a salad for me must pile so high on one of my giant plates that when I eat it things fall off onto the place mat…

So while I do not have the issue of overeating burgers or other fast food, when it comes to my veggies and fruit I have adopted the motto go big or go home. But the thing is my meals always fill me up to the point of uncomfortable, bloated fiber belly! So while I love these giant meals, I think I need to practice portion control with them or I will never be able to listen to my hunger because I am just always full of veggies and fruit! I also need to realize that even though these things are good for me, even too much fruit can be going overboard (as I recently read about in this article) and it can stop me from absorbing nutrients my body needs.

So I have always had this problem at home because I, like many people, eat what I put on my plate even if I am uncomfortably full before it is all gone… But at restaurants I have become really good of judging if I am full or not (part of the reason I love eating out more than a lot of people). So I have decided that I will start to try and recreate some of my successful hunger gauged meals from restaurants at home and try to remember how much I actually ate at the restaurant so I don’t over do it.

Begin practice (a once unheard of word in my vocabulary!)

This weekend my mom took me out for a wonderful time and during that time I got hungry so she took me to Bakers Crust where I ordered this AMAZING tomato, mozzarella, and avocado salad. It was love at first bite and I have been craving it ever since! Plus I was amazed that even with the deep conversation my mom and I had at the table while I ate I stopped when I was satisfied not full. Normally it takes me a lot of concentration to do that so I was very proud of myself to say the least! So today for lunch I wanted a salad and I wanted to be hungry again for dinner (an almost unheard of idea for me lately-frustrating too) so I decided to scale down the salad and have a little fruit too!

My Very Own Tomato Mozzarella Salad w/ sliced Peaches 🙂

Now the restaurant’s had avocado but I had none. It also had pesto and again I had none. But I added my own touches (mushrooms, carrots, and celery) and I made my own balsamic dressing with spinach herb spices in it!

Was this meal as big as I am used too? No. Was I still hungry when I was done? NOPE! Was I overly, uncomfortably, fiber bellied full? NOOOOOO!!!!! I like the feeling of satisfaction and I like being comfortable. I need to remind myself of that the next time I think about eating enough roughage for 2-3 people in the same meal…

I hope everyone is having a great day!


2 thoughts on “Practicing with a Success

  1. OH MY GOD I AM SO JEALOUS YOU LIVE NEAR A BAKER’S CRUST!!!!! That was my FAVORITE restaurant ever when I was at William & Mary and I’ve never come across anything as good. I was actually just talking the other day with my mom about how much I missed it. I totally need to move to Richmond or Wburg just to eat there. Ok ANYWAY. LOVE that you’ve had epic success with this so far!! I went through the same thing with fruits and veggies – obviously I used to fill up with them in order to lose weight, but then when I got serious about running I was never hungry for the calories I actually needed because of all the fiber (and yeah my stomach always hurt like crazy hah). For me I had to switch out a lot of the fruit for easy carbs, and it was tough (I do sometimes miss having like 8 billion types of fruits at breakfst but I think I’m absorbing nutrients better without them lol) and it’s HARD! especially cuz they taste so GOOD haha! but it looks like you’re winning so farQ

    • You should totally take a vacation to VA for it! I really want to try their breakfast but haven’t found the time!!! It is hard! I just hate my food to look puny, especially my fruit and veggies! but I know my stomach is just not big enough to hold AND digest all of it!

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