Sometimes a Song Speaks for Itself

I love Sundays.

Because on Sundays I go to church, on Sundays I don’t workout and I have never felt like I should want to, on Sundays I relax and contemplate about the past week and the week ahead of me. This Sunday was better than most however because today I not only got to go to church and relax and contemplate, I also got to lay out, finish a book, listen to my body, brain, and heart all in one day, and I got to see God at work in the lives of the children at my church! Needless to say it was such a beautiful day!

I want to write about the sermon for today (are we seeing a trend???) but I honestly cannot at this moment. I need more time with it myself to fully grasp what I was meant to hear this morning. I am sorry to admit that I had too much going on in my mind this morning, and I think I was too focused on those things than on how God was trying to work in my life. But I will keep trying to hear him and that begins with listening to the sermon again online.

I also cannot wait to write about my experience as a Crew Leader at my church’s vacation bible school, but I think that I will have more of a message and a lesson learned when the week is complete! But I will preface it with this: Children make the world and the day so much brighter!

So why I’m I even bothering to blog at all? Because a song hit me today on the way to church for VBS. And I think it says a lot. So have a listen! I hope you enjoy 🙂


I spend way too much time worrying about the time, my schedule, how to do things just right, how to make the best life possible… But am I missing everything?

I am going to try to stop and smell the roses of my life everyday. I want to take it all in, and I want to remember and be a part of my life and the lives of everyone around me!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes a Song Speaks for Itself

  1. I love love love vacation bible school!! we had ours last month and I think helping out with that (though, my mom organizes it so it’s not like I have a choice lol) is one of my favorite parts of summer. I have to say it’s fantastic that you get so much out of church too…the pastor at my church, honestly he’s a great guy, but he doesn’t really say much of anything meaningful/thought provoking. I sort of can’t wait to move out on my own and try to find my own church. That said, I really do hope you end up writing about the sermon you heard so I can go to church vicariously through you haha! Oh and the whole don’t miss your life thing – I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately too. Namely, I make a lot of excuses to get out of doing spontaneous things with friends in the name of keeping to my routine…it’s one of the few things left over from my ED days and it really isn’t serving me! And I’m definitely missing out on the spice of life because of it!

    • Kate! This is my first year with vacation bible school and I now plan to do it every year just after one night! I hope you find a great church and pastor in the future because they really help God speak to you and help you speak to God! You are thinking the same as me when it comes to my ED and that song. I think in order to recover the weight that the ED causes to be lost a schedule is important. But then I also think once the weight is regained and you are declared in recovery, there is a fear of going back. I know for me I am scared if I go out and break from my routine I am scared that I am going to lose control of my recovery. I am learning to take a few steps out of my comfort zone each week to prove to myself that I am in recovery FOR GOOD. Because once you have been on both sides, I think you will agree with me in saying that the side with life is so much sweeter!

  2. That song was beautiful! I loved it. You know losing my mother so young taught me at an early age what is important and what isn’t. I enjoy every day with my children and I let everyone know where they stand with me because there is no promise of tomorrow. I love you Shannon. Even though we don’t know each other fully I am enjoying getting to know you better through your blog.

    • Lynn, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I love you too, and I hope to get to know you and your sisters and your children in the years coming up! My trip with my dad and Sherri really gave me direction, and I know how much family means and I want to know all of mine because I am so blessed to have such a big family!

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