Can you say Bon Appetite?

Where Julia Child Trained!

Can You Say Bon Appetite?

Yes I can, because I have enjoyed the wonders of French cuisine in France. Something everyone can say? Nope, but I can and for that I will be forever in awe and grateful.

Now for an ambush of food photos from Paris!

Ham Omelet and a Croissant

Honestly I wasn’t crazy about the Omelet or the croissant, but I tried both. Plus I was in France! I had to try a real French Croissant!

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

This is the best salad creation I have ever seen and eaten. The goat cheese is on the toast, and yes those are potato chips (made right then and there I would like to believe). I would try to recreate this, but for some reason I think I’ll leave this to the French 😉 Just a little dietetic humor however, can you see the green ring around the yolk on my eggs? That is Ferrous Sulfide my friends. It is not harmful, but does tend to ruin the presentation of a hard boiled egg. The restaurant didn’t allow their eggs to cool correctly tis all. It won’t change the taste of your eggs though so do not fret!

One of many bread baskets

The French restaurants serve bread with everything! What I loved about both France and Germany was that they never specify what type of bread anything comes with or is served on. It is whatever they baked fresh that day. Now I am a huge advocate for whole grains, and know they are the best option for the most part nutritionally. But I did love that the French don’t know and don’t seem to care if their bread is whole grain or white, only that it is fresh and they enjoy what they want of it knowing another batch will be made shortly if they want more. Just something that left me pondering over my bread.

A beautiful cheese plate!

The French love to end a meal with cheese! And since visiting, so do I! We had cheese basically every day in France and I am not complaining. If I eat cheese for the rest of my life I won’t complain, in fact my bones will love the calcium! Sorry another anatomy/dietetics student fact I couldn’t resist not mentioning.

Chilled Asparagus Soup

Was this good? Yes. But would I have it again? Probably not. I am not a fan of cold soup…

Fresh perch with raw and cooked fennel

As you know I am flirting with a non-vegetarian diet. I can honestly say after tasting fish I will not give it up. My body seems to love it!

Our dessert at the Eiffel Tower

I have no idea what this is called, but it came highly recommended! I do know there was ice cream, cream cheese of some sort, a pastry (like a ice cream sandwich only freshly baked and a little more soft and doughy) all drizzled with chocolate upon arriving at the table. I am not a dessert girl unless it is either a special occasion or if the dessert is something I cannot get on another day. this was both and boy am I glad I had the opportunity to enjoy it!

Bananas covered with warm chocolate

Remember how I said I don’t have dessert often? Well in Paris I did! This was nothing extraordinary but then again it was for me! I have never done this before (no idea why!) and after dinner at this little Italian place I was still craving something. I wasn’t sure what is was until I saw this on the menu. I wanted a banana! Did I crave the chocolate? No (but that’s just because it is me and I lack chocolate cravings) but boy did it make this banana 10 times better! I’ll be recreating this again sometime soon!

Alas the food came to an end just as Paris did… 😦 But it was all so good (I didn’t even share everything! but I did share the best of it I believe) Now one more thing before I go.

I have been a law abiding citizen for a long time. That means, I am not 21 I am still 20. But in Paris and in all of Europe I am indeed a legal drinker. This was my first sip of alcohol EVER. A glass (and a half 😉 ) of champagne in France at the Eiffel Tower (Perfect right!) I also gave wine a sip and was not a fan of the wine my dad and Sherri chose (I tried to see if putting my champagne in the wine would help… Not too much and the French couple beside us gave me a laugh and a frown)

I enjoyed my first drink and I am so happy I waited to have it in a safe and enjoyable environment with my dad and cousin! Now back in the states I will look forward to my 21st birthday and enjoy my second drink (but first in America!) without fear.

Cheers! Wait how do I say that in French???

Here is to a good time with a great family!


8 thoughts on “Can you say Bon Appetite?

    • What can I say I love that subject! It has become life! It was indeed tasty… but I have to say I miss my once in a while desserts that happen when I am with you and we are at Macados!

  1. aaah Bon Appetite for sure! I’ve somehow gotten myself to Paris three times, most recently with my dad in ’08 – SO much good food. Somehow though I ate SO much in France, dessert every night and things I’d never eat at home, and was still hungry the entire trip haha! maybe from all the walking. and I have to say, fish is a good happy medium with vegetarianism. I know once I started eating salmon 1-2x a week I started feeling soooo much better! anyway, it looks like you had an amazing time in Paris!

    • 3 times! I am SO jealous! This trip was a real eye opener for me and made me see a lot of things I have been pushing away that need attention! We did so A LOT of walking in Paris! I am deff having fun exploring a nonvegetarian lifestyle this summer. I think it is important that if I do decide not to eat certain food I know why, and make sure it isn’t a hidden ED thought I never knew existed!

  2. AH, I can smell the fresh baguette and oh the yummy macroons. lucky you . I once went on an exchange programme. THough my favourite was ” the sandwhich house in Grenoble. Best calazones. Good luck and keep writing. Beautiful pics indeed!

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