Be Sure to Say Bonjour!

I think it is time to conquer a Paris post (Part One)! I must admit I have been procrastinating writing this post because Paris was my favorite city that we visited, and I just cannot do it justice. O! and that fact about the french being not so nice… FICTION at least in my case everyone was so welcoming!

I’ll begin with a comical beginning (it really was quite comical). We arrive in Paris, it’s 10 o’clock at night, and we decide the best option for getting to our hotel is the metro. hmmm well as we buy our tickets we see someone being taken away via the police (who are very scary looking in Paris) because she bought fraudulent tickets… Note to selves. Don’t do that! But we got on the metro feeling great because we had bought all of the passes we would need for the two days we were there. Then it was up to my cousin Sherri to get us to the hotel. but it was late and we took a wrong turn. Thank goodness my cousin is very bold and able to ask anyone for directions. We asked twice and got the same sort of response Don’t you have an iPhone???

No we didn’t… but 3 nice [cute] french boys (who did have an iPhone) helped us out and we found the hotel easy enough. Now hotels in Europe are weird. The beds are crammed right up next to each other, so our 3 person room looks like a 2 person if you are American (which we kinda are!) but the view was amazing! Sherri spotted it while brushing her teeth 😀

Day one in Paris included more site seeing than I could have hoped! So of course it was more appreciated! We got this great 2 day sight seeing pass that allowed us entry into a lot of places and more than paid for itself by the end of our visit! Begin pictures

The River Seine

Note: Most of Paris has that unique city smell but it is not better or worse than NYC. EXCEPT down by the river it absolutely is!!! My advice? Walk Fast

My dad at the Invalides Museum

My dad was in the US Army, and this museum was all about war (and where Napoleon I is buried) so he had a fantastic time. And it was great for me to see and learn what he is passionate about for once since that is what he does with me pretty much everyday.

playing gargoyles at Notre Dame

I was very honestly VERY (yes I meant to use an annoyingly large amount of “verys”) free feeling for the first time in a long time when we were in Paris. I started to learn how to go off on my own in the museums and spend time in the parts I found interesting. Something I wouldn’t have done a few weeks ago. It felt great!

Inside the Louvre: AKA where Mona Lisa resides

But the time I spent with my dad was great too. He is really knowledgeable (knows almost every answer on jeopardy!) and that makes the museums and history so much more interesting. I have always felt that when you are with someone who is passionate about a certain subject, learning about it can be so much more rewarding!

Climbed the Arc de Triomphe

I could go one for days with pictures, and they still wouldn’t capture the beauty and magnificence and history I saw and lived in Paris! We climbed SO many stairs and walked the whole city! again why was I worried about staying active!?!

I think the real reason I loved Paris so much though was because of the company. I have a really big family on my Dad’s side, and we live far away from all of them. But with this trip I got to know my cousin Sherri. She made me realize how awesome the people in my family are and I really hope to get to know her and the rest of my Dad’s side in the years to come. It is crazy how many things the Lloyd girls share! Most of us have one dimple (yes me too), for the most part we are little in stature (I was meant to be short, petite me–> it’s in my genes!), and we all seem so driven! I honestly had know idea how much I have to learn about my family! I can’t wait for more opportunities!


Part two of Paris will be all about the food I experienced. It is quite different than what I have in America and kick started a lot of new kicks!


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