Sharing a story

In the beginning… of college that is I was a Human Development major with the dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. Well I hated the major but still loved the career aspiration so I switched to English. I had to take a lot of English classes obviously and one of those was creative writing.  I don’t have a great imagination so I wrote almost all nonfiction (and when I did write fiction it was only changed a tad from my own life).  I thought that this blog might be a good place to share a couple of the stories I wrote in that class and in others.  Now I don’t write anymore really, so this won’t be a constant post thing because I haven’t actually put my pen to the paper since I took the dreaded Chemistry last summer, loved it, and switched my major to dietetics. But I have a few I’d like to share. Starting with one of the most important ones:

Thanks to IHOP <<<LINK!

Now that was over a year ago, and my understanding of my eating disorder has grown a lot since then.  But this really tells a tale of my recovery and how if not only affected me but how I feel it changed the life of the ones I love most.


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