Why Plateit and climb?

There happen to be 2 stories behind the motto of “plateit and climb” (and yes, I have decided to make plate and it one word for this motto’s purposes)

Tale Number One: The Obvious

  • The obvious meaning comes from the USDA’s MyPlate and MyPyramid (which was retired but hold a special place in my heart). These tools are meant to help America chose healthy, nutritious options for meals and I believe with the proper knowledge they can do just that.  And with better nutrition I believe the sky is the limit!

Tale Number Two: Takes more thought

  • Now this is my really once in a year or two brilliant (recovery) thought.  What got me through each and every day of my recovery? Every plate I finished and then every new thing that came into my life because I was recovering. Now my plates are not about recovery, but what I chose to eat tells me a lot about how I am feeling that day.  Most of the time when I am stressed over something the first indicator is in the food I eat.  So what do I do when things get a little shaky? I go back to the basics of food and nutrition, put healthy food on my plate, and climb that hill that was blocking me with confidence because I know that I am trying to make the best choices for me.

Alright so that’s how I came up with the theme for the blog.  My posts will be about the foods I eat, why I chose them, and sometimes I will highlight the health of some of my “super foods” and then sometimes I might highlight something inspiring to me. So I hope you enjoy this blog! Post with pictures coming shortly!


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