Chicken? Yes chicken.

I have been a strict Lacto-ovo Vegetarian for over four years.  But recently I came to a roadblock in my lifetime recovery.  I started questioning why I was a vegetarian… Was it because I really did not like the idea of eating animals or was it because being a vegetarian limited my food choices, especially when eating out and that made things easier for me. You see I started vegetarianism after reading about Carrie Underwood, and she inspired me to try it but I also made that decision when anorexia was beginning to take over my life. So I have made it this summer’s mission to try meat again and make up my mind once and for all.  Do I want to remain a vegetarian for moral reasons? or do I want to keep a little meat in my life because I actually do like it? We shall see!

But first I want to introduce everyone to my  favorite meal of all time…

Above we have an almost empty sunflower butter jar (actually I really wish this was a raw crunchy almond butter jar but I won’t discriminate too much) filled with a delicious sweet potato for a relaxing morning meal 🙂 I am completely obsessed with sweet potatoes (yes I know that they are more a winter food, but they are always cheap and I just love them too much not to eat them almost everyday) Note: I will do a health segment on the benefits of sweet potatoes really soon!

OK back to the meat. I have been putting of trying this for almost 3 weeks and I have a week until Europe (where I do not want to be limited in food choices because that will be a pain) so I finally gave in and cooked up chicken (people recommend chicken or fish first when reintroducing meat)

There is is my chicken cooking… now if you look closely at my awful skills with a camera you can see some smoke coming off (well I thought it was cool). Anyway my reintroduction to chicken was quite bland and that is my fault because I was too worried about not liking it OR liking it too much that I just cooked it with no added flavor. so yes it was bland but I neither hated nor loved it so ill give a few more chances I am sure.  really the meal was good though!

in this AMAZING salad (which I make in a fabulous way but more on that another day) I have corn, lettuce (from my homes own garden) baby carrots, purple asparagus (ANTIOXIDANTS!), brussel sprouts, and tomatoes all tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also added Parmesan cheese and raw almonds after I snapped this.

But this was the highlight of the whole meal. What my mom deemed my dessert was mango “fries” and blackberries! yum 🙂 the deliciousness stuck with me the rest of the day and I wanted another mango so much that i bought another at the store this morning after church 😉

Well I am off to a Lady Antebellum concert featuring Thompson Square and Darius Rucker! I am a country fan any other fans out there?


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